4th SEAPEX-AAPG Student Leadership Conference (Indonesia)

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

On November 28– 30, 2008 at Jatinangor Hotel, Jatinangor, West Java, 4th SEAPEX-AAPG Student Leadership Conference had been successfully conducted with theme “The Role of Geoscience Students to Reach Top Petroleum Career with Strong Leadership and Well Knowledge of Geoscience”. All of Indonesian Student Chapter met and gathered in this Leadership Conference. In this conference, we discussed about leadership, Performance Contract-Fundamental of SC Operations, Career as Geoscientist in Petroleum Industry, etc.

First Day

Firstly, the conference was started by speech from President UNPAD SC & ITB SC as the host of this great event. Continued by Mr. Hendarmawan, Dean Faculty of Geology, UNPAD, Mrs. Qivayanti as Head of Oversight Committee of Indonesian SC of AAPG, and opening remark by Mr. Howard Smith as SEAPEX representative. Then, we entered to an Icebreaker.

After that, Mr. Howard Smith explained about “The Importance of Joining in Professional Organization”. SEAPEX is one of Professional Organization. SEAPEX is a non profit organization with an objective to provide a social forum to advance the science of Geology and Earth Sciences, with emphasis on petroleum and natural gas exploration, development and production in Southeast Asia. Joining a professional organization provides us the opportunity to peers, share idea and techniques, share of technical information, and continue our education (training).

In the second session, Mr. Geovani shared about “Indonesian AAPG Student Chapter especially about the history, vision and mission”. Activity Summary 2007-2008 Report also explained, Mr. Geovani said that the record activity of Asia Pasific AAPG Student Chapter has a good report, due to several activities that had been conducted.

In the third session, Mr. Awang H. Satyana explained about “A call to Write Geoscience Papers and Present It”. Mr Awang said write well is difficult, but how important it is that scientist should write. Why we should write? Because writing helps us to learn, writing helps us to differ, writing helps us to communicate our ideas, and writing makes us science progress. At the end of Mr. Awang’s lecture, committee of SEAPEX gave a memento. In the coffee break, agenda was continued by presentation of poster contest. The winners of poster contest will be honored to participate at SEAPEX Conference in Singapore. The winners were:

  1. 1st Winner : Hikmadhan Gultaf (ITM SC)
  2. 2nd Winner : Revy Zeviana Arsyi (Trisakti SC)
  3. 3rd Winner : Rani Evelyn Sianipar (UGM SC)

Well, CONGRATULATION for the Winners!

On the evening, Prof. Koesoemadinata taught us about the “Recent Trends in Geological Sciences”. In this session appropriate to discuss what happened to geology during his 50 years career as a geologist. Prof. Koesoemadinata said he has witnesses a tremendous advancement in the Geosciences and present day geologists have sophisticated high technology tools for their work. Then, we gave a memento to Prof. Koesoemadinata and took a picture together with Prof. Koesoemadinata, Mr. Awang H Satyana, Mr. Howard J. Smith, OC, and all participants.

Last session, there was little sharing from Rizwan about his experience when participated in 28th AAPG Annual Leadership Day on last August in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Second Day

On the second day, we started agenda by Mrs. Qivayanti’s presentation with title “Leadership Effectiveness and Development”. She explained everything about leadership, personal effectiveness, and also personal preference type. Mrs. Qiva also asked to students about their expectation when participated in this conference.

Then, there was sharing from former president of UNPAD SC and UI SC about their experience in managing SC in their period. They were Laode Ahdyar and Damianus Fritz. They also explained about contribution of AAPG SC to their career in petroleum industry.

In the second session, Mr. Howard Smith explained about “Geoscience workflow in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production”. He showed us Indonesia Petroleum Contract Map and explained recent opportunities for fresh graduate of G&G. There are still a lot of opportunities in G&G career. Therefore, Mr. Howard motivated students to become a qualified geoscience. At the end, we gave a memento to Mr. Howard and grateful to SEAPEX.

After lunch and took a picture together, we continued to next session presented by Mr. Edward Syafron. We discussed about Performance Contract of SC. This is very important for all SC because it will help SC in managing their activities. Mr. Edward explained how to arrange and to consider the activity, proposal & report, function of OC, etc. Then, we divided in some groups. We were asked to share about activities in our SC and to make a PC, included of theme and budget. After finished, some groups presented their PC. From this session, we become more understand about PC itself and it is very good for next executive committee. On the evening, Mr. Geovani talked about “The Uniqueness of AAPG Student Chapter” and “Addicted to Mediocrity”. Here, Mr. Geovani gave some suggestions to all SC concerned about publication of activity. After that, an entertainment was presented by committee in Gathering Night.

Third Day

On the third day, in the first session, Mr. Nanang Abdul Manaf explained us about “Challenges in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production in Indonesia”. There are several activities in oil industry; finding oil, getting oil out, making oil usable, serving the customer, making improvements, making it possible.

In the second session, Mr. Stephen Scott explained about “Career in Petroleum Industry”. We as a geology student, part of us will work in the petroleum industry as a geosciences workers. It means that we must know geosciences knowledge that usually used in petroleum industry, geophysics and geology. Mr. Scott said if we would like to work in oil and gas industry we have to appropriate the job market expectation, such as we have self motivated, computer literate, well educated, team player, and good communication skill. With join the professional organization we also gain recognition in industry, meet industry leader, and the important thing is we can build our confidence.

At the end of 4th SEAPEX, little speech was from Dito as Head of Committee, Ciputra, Rizwan, and closing speech from Laode. See you all on next SEAPEX!

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