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AAPG VGP: KBTU and KNTU Kazakhstan by Syed Tariq Hasany

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Syed Tariq Hasany visited Kazakhstan British Technical University (KBTU) Almaty, Kazakhstan on 12 February 2009 and Kazakstan National Technical University (KNTU), Almaty, Kazakhstan on 17 February 2009. His visit in KBTU was attended by 50 to 65 students and about 3 faculty members. And his visit in KNTU was attended by 12 students. KNTU is the oldest University of Kazakhstan celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Enjoy his short report for AAPG Asia Pacific website below,

SPE Student Chapter, Kazakhstan British Technical University (KBTU) Almaty, Kazakhstan, 12 February 2009

I have delivered a lecture about three dimensional geological studies and how the data was used to design the horizontal well in a shallow structural trap from Jurassic sandstone reservoirs where due to surface constraints vertical well was less feasible to drill. As a pre drill planning, well trajectory was modeled with the combination and integration of nearby wells logs data, 3D geological model and structural modelling (3D seismic) and during drilling model was monitored with the help of LWD and MWD data. This close monitoring allows to steer the bottom hole assembly and bit into the target pay zone. The successful drilling results brought in at least 6 times higher flow rate of hydrocarbon than vertical well.

The case study was about a field in North Ustyurt Basin western part of Kazakhstan.

Students keenly asked question about modelling and horizontal drilling.

SPE Student Chapter, Kazakstan National Technical University (KNTU), Almaty, Kazakhstan, 17 February 2009

This was my first visit to KNTU and I found it very different than usual, it was more intercative, two way communicational. More talking with group of students than simple lecture.

Students were keen to know about my past professional experience and about myself; also about petroleum industry growth in the region, cultural and political issues of the region, etc. I have shared my views with them and they did with me and others

Students asked number of questions about petroleum education specially about countries and universities known for higher education, opportunities for girls, job propsects in the region and globally. I enjoyed answering intelligent questions of the students.

I think students of KNTU are brilliant and they have been trying hard and eager to keep up themselves with latest technologies and catch up what was left to be known.

Students asked for a frequent visits to their university which I promised to do so whenever time permits.

My Comments: I realized the contents of the talk in KBTU were bit advance for many junior students; I will try to keep it simple in future, though I have given two earlier talks in KBTU about career in petroleum industry which were more simpler. SPE KBTU section has specifically asked me for this topic as I have delivered in SPE Section technical talk in December 2008

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