Indonesia Association of Geologist's President Visit To Gadjah Mada University SC

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Up to now, there have been many courses on Petroleum systems, both for beginners and for professionals. However, only a few have discussed petroleum from historical, potential, and policy viewpoints, especially for Indonesia’s cases. This was then become the inspiration for AAPG Gadjah Mada University Student Chapter – motored by Geology Engineer Students – to provide a course with that theme.

This event was held on Saturday, November 12th 2011. The speaker was Mr. Rovicky Dwi Putrohari, who is the President of Indonesia Association of Geologists, and who holds the position of Geology Advisor at HESS. Mr Rovicky graduated as a Geology Engineer from Gadjah Mada University and from Indonesia University with a Master’s degree.

The Short Course with the theme “Petroleum System, Exploration History, and Future Exploration Potential In Indonesia” was attended by 100 people from many majors like Geology Engineer (UGM, UPN, UNHAS), Chemical Engineer (UGM), Environment Engineer (UPN), Geophysic (UGM, UPN), and also Mining Engineer (UPN).

During the course, there were many discussions about Petroleum Potential of Indonesia, basics of Petroleum Exploration and Explotiation, and also the challenges related to the topic. The challenge for the Students is how to develop Indonesia’s potential, especially in the east sector of Indonesia in Gas & Petroleum. Mr Rovicky, with more than 24 years in the industry, triggered the spirit of the participants, whose enthusiasm made the course more dynamic and interesting.

For furthermore info about this activity and course material please visit AAPG UGM SC Website and ELena

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