Alvaro H. Montoya C.

Alvaro H. Montoya C.

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Alvaro H. Montoya C. is an independent consultant petroleum geologist in Bogota, Colombia. Geologist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá.

Following his undergraduate studies, he worked as a field geologist in the elaboration of the Colombia cartography at the Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Geologico Mineras. He was granted a scholarship and returned to school where he received his Master Degree in Geology from New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

He was employed by Ecopetrol in the petroleum industry as an operation and development geologist and later as a researcher at the ICP, and also has served as lecturer teacher at several universities in Colombia. He was granted another scholarship and was sent as an auditor at Institut Français du Pétrole and did the school as an Exploration Engineer. Right after, he worked has independent or through service companies as an integrator geologist in office and field for companies in Venezuela and Colombia during several years; occasionally in Ecuador, USA; United Arab Emirates and Nigeria (distance).

Alvaro´s current technical interest and activity is the unconventional oil and gas resources; the field operation and development of conventional, and currently studying through the Education and Professional Development Department of the AAPG as an Emeritus Member and also as a member of the S.P.E., S.E.G., S.P.W.L.A., and C.A.F.E., lecturing; and teaching, learning, doing.



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