Ademola Lanisa

Ademola Lanisa

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Demola Lanisa is a Geoscientist and currently works at TOTAL as a Reservoir Geophysicist. Demola has been with TOTAL since January 2011 and has held roles in Petroleum Exploration and Development.

Prior to joining TOTAL he had worked in the UK and in Nigeria with Paradigm Geophysical, and Andora Technologies Limited. He started his career as a Geoscientist in year 2006 at Degeconek Nigeria Limited.

Demola obtained a B.Sc in Geology from Obafemi Awolowo University and M.Sc in Petroleum Geoscience from Royal Holloway University of London. Demola is a Certified Petroleum Geophysicist and an active member of AAPG functioning in various committees; DPA, VGP and Grants in aid committees. He is the current AAPG Young Professionals Lead, Africa Region.

His professional interests include: Reservoir Geophysics, Evaluating and maturing and Hydrocarbon opportunities.



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