Cleveland Jones

Cleveland Jones

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Professor Cleveland M. Jones is a researcher at INOG Instituto Nacional de Óleo e Gás, of Brazil’s CNPq, a member of the Geosciences Advisory Board of NXT Energy Solutions, Inc., and coordinator of various projects at UERJ - The State University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He graduated and did post-graduate work at Cornell University (physics and economics), and has a post-graduate degree in Petroleum Engineering, and a Masters (Petroleum Systems) and a Doctoral (MEOR - microbial enhanced oil recovery) degree in Geology.

He has experience in energy geopolitics, basin analysis, innovative geophysical methods, environmental topics, remediation and wastewater treatment, and is an expert in MEOR, as well as an active international consultant for the energy industry. He was an executive of biotechnology, environmental equipment, financial services and mining industry firms.

He has taught and coordinated graduate and post-graduate courses, and was appointed coordinator of a major environmental and social diagnostic program for the largest metropolitan landfill in Brazil. He worked on projects involving sanitation, bioremediation, biological product legislation, shrimp farming, and the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals Program, and led an extensive Knowledge Management project between Petrobras and UERJ.

His recent studies focus on assessments of potential oil discoveries in Brazil’s pre-salt region and other basins. A frequent speaker and author of environmental, applied biotechnology and energy articles, he is a member of Mensa Brazil and other professional organizations, and fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Specialties: Yet-to-find (YTF) oil and gas assessments; energy geopolitical issues; environmental liability assessments, agreements & negotiation; applied biotechnology - MEOR (microbial enhanced oil recovery) and biocorrosion control; sanitation and wastewater treatment, and urban solid waste; alternative energy, renewable & unconventional resources, and biofuels; consultation and corporate analysis of energy and oil & gas companies.



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