29 February, 2024 Pittsburgh Pennsylvania United States

Held in Conjunction with: Orphan, Abandoned, Idle, and Marginal Wells: Opportunities with Plugging, Repurposing, Carbon Credits and More

Methane Monitoring Associated with Well Plugging & Abandonment for Active, Marginal, Idle, and Orphan Wells

29 February 2024
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States


Who Should Attend

This introduction to methane monitoring, measurement, and quantification is for all those who would like to understand the requirements and regulations regarding methane emissions and to be able to design a measurement and monitoring solution, complete with the appropriate types of technologies, techniques, and safety protocols.

  • Detail the various methane emissions regulations and requirements for compliance and funding
  • Describe guidance, methods, protocols and qualification requirements
  • Develop planning, access, safety plans
  • Review equipment and field examples
  • Match the need with the appropriate equipment and procedure
Course Content
Introduction to Methane Monitoring, Measurement, & Quantification
Understanding Varied Requirements: IIJA Funding, Carbon Registries, State Requirements, etc.
  • Orphan Well Plugging using IIJA monies required to do MM starting 1/1/24.
  • Several states seeking methane monitoring support.
  • Federal Guidance vs Carbon Registry Protocols
Guidances, Methods, Protocols, and Qualification Requirements
  • DOE Guidance & EPA Method 21 for Orphan Wells
  • Carbon Registries (requirements & how they vary)
  • MERP/NEMRI considerations for MCWs
  • Qualified Measurement Specialist
Associated Considerations & Safety
  • Planning
  • Access & Safety
  • Type of Well (e.g., Orphan, Idle, MCW, Active, ?)
  • Presence or Absence of Infrastructure
  • Weather & Interference Conditions
Methane & Gas Monitoring, Measurement/Quantification, & Characterization
  • Methods may vary depending on well type, purpose, infrastructure, etc.
  • Choosing Equipment/instrumentation
  • Measurement Accuracy & Considerations
  • Data Collection & Documentation
Equipment/Field Examples/Research
  • OGI Technology & ALL Consulting
  • VentBuster & Well Done Foundation
  • Hawk Vent Gas Meter & PetraCat
  • High Flow Meter & Heath
    • Montrose Environmental
    • Xplorobot handheld IR methane measurement, imaging tool
  • University Research Findings
  • Federal Program Findings
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