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Distinguished Lecture Program

About the Program

Welcome to the evolution of the Distinguished Lecture program and its new digital format.

Because today’s audiences expect instantaneous access to and delivery of information, the program has undergone a revolutionary transformation aimed at extending the program’s accessibility, audience and reach.

Presentations of the lectures are now recorded as videos and can be streamed or downloaded from the AAPG website. Complementary podcast conversations with the lecturers also are available for download from GooglePlay® and iTunes® as well as streaming from the AAPG website.

For individual viewings/listening, all presentations will be available 24-7. Questions that you may have can be sent to the respective lecturer via a link that will be provided on the AAPG website, with the intent of rapid responses by the experts.

For groups and classrooms, webinars provide the opportunity for a “virtual lecture experience.” By contacting the AAPG Programs Team we can schedule the lecturer to be present for your group to host an online chat or Q-and-A session with audience members (this feature is subject to DL availability).


The Distinguished Lecture Program is partially funded by the AAPG Foundation and administered by the AAPG Distinguished Lecture program coordinator with oversight by the Distinguished Lecture Committee.

Arrange a Virtual DL Visit
  • Email a DL program coordinator [email protected].
  • Include the following information in your email request.
    1. Contact name
    2. Contact company or institution
    3. Address
    4. Country
    5. Contact email
    6. Preferred talk/DL
    7. Date range for virtual talk
    8. Expected attendance (number of students, faculty, members, etc.)
  • The request will be coordinated by a DL program coordinator and confirmation of the virtual visit will be sent along with any additional instructions for setting up the talk.


Heather Hodges Programs Coordinator +1 918-560-2621
Susie Nolen Programs Team Leader +1 918 560 2634