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Michael Hudec - Evolution of the Salina del Bravo, Mexico: The Bravo Trough, Sigsbee Canopy and Perdido Fold Belt

AAPG Distinguished Lecture Series, 2018-19 Season
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

A Distinguished Lecture talk given by Michael Hudec during 2018-19 AAPG DL Season. Click here for abstract.

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Now available for streaming, the fourth video presentation in the AAPG Distinguished Lecture program features Michael Hudec and his presentation, Evolution of the Salina del Bravo, Mexico: The Bravo Trough, Sigsbee Canopy and Perdido Fold Belt.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
Explorer Foundation Update
AAPG’s historic Distinguished Lecture program has undergone a revolutionary transformation aimed at extending the program’s accessibility, audience and reach.
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On Dr Michael Hudec video
The Dr. Michael Hudec 's video of the distinguish lecture program is quite clear and enlightening. The reconstruction movie that he presents based upon physical modelling, depicts and support the ideas of some 1980's Pemex geoscientists. The mechanism of regional uplift, starting in late Oligocene and extended to present, is clue to understand the development of what he calls Bravo Trough, Canopy and Perdido Fault and Thrust Belt provinces. Although the regional uplift, as he acknowledges, is well documented via fission tracks studies, there is still controversy regarding the geodynamic origin of such phenomenon. I remember that we invoked mechanisms such as: buoyancy of old crust, flexural uplift, and regional (isostatically induced) uplift, among others, to explain it. This is, and will be, a topic of research for many years to come. Anyway, Dr. Hudec's investigation presented in the video is a significant contribution to figure out, not only the salt tectonic setting, but also the regional geologic evolution of the NW Gulf of Mexico. As the humongous amount of seismic data collected in the south of the border Gulf of Mexico, is being analyzed and assimilated, a better understanding of the geology and petroleum system of such a unique and complex region of the world is guaranteed. Many thanks Dr. Hudec, Guillermo Perez Cruz
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2/6/2019 4:00:35 PM

Distinguished Lecturer


Michael Hudec

Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Economic Geology

University of Texas

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  • 50019 The Salina del Bravo region, on the continental slope just south of the Texas border, is dominated by four structures. From landward to seaward: the Bravo trough, Sigsbee Canopy, Perdido fold belt, and BAHA high. The Bravo trough lies beneath the updip part of the slope, and is characterized by a thick, intensely folded Tertiary section beneath which the Mesozoic section is thin or absent. The Bravo trough runs for roughly 400 km along strike, and is at least 40 km wide, with the west edge lying beyond the limits of our dataset. The downdip end of the Bravo trough is connected to the Sigsbee canopy by a feeder or weld. The Sigsbee canopy lies almost entirely seaward of the Bravo trough, and in most places overlies the Perdido fold belt. In many places the Perdido fold belt folds the base of the Sigsbee canopy. Elsewhere, Perdido folds are truncated beneath an unconformity on which the canopy is emplaced. At the seaward end of the system is the BAHA high, named for the first well drilled in it. The BAHA high is a structural high in the base of salt, with 1-2 km of relief in most places. Like the Bravo trough, it runs over 400 km along strike. The Perdido fold belt lies on top of or updip of the BAHA high. Evolution of the Salina del Bravo, Mexico: The Bravo Trough, Sigsbee Canopy and Perdido Fold Belt https://www.aapg.org/career/training/in-person/distinguished-lecturer/abstract/Articleid/50019/evolution-of-the-salina-del-bravo-mexico-the-bravo-trough-sigsbee-canopy-and-perdido-fold-belt
    Evolution of the Salina del Bravo, Mexico: The Bravo Trough, Sigsbee Canopy and Perdido Fold Belt


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