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Last Post 23 Dec 2022 11:23 AM by  Patrick Ng
Generative AI - how ChatGPT could change our business
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Patrick Ng
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23 Dec 2022 11:23 AM
    Follow up to post on ChatGPT 12.16.2022, here is a worthy update from McKinsey.

    "Generative AI and other foundation models are changing the AI game, taking assistive technology to a new level, reducing application development time, and bringing powerful capabilities to nontechnical users."

    When McKinsey writes about ChatGPT, bet it is already circulating in the C-suites.

    Premise -
    1) the pace of innovation external > that within an organization.

    2) OpenAI can potentially accelerate that by an order of magnitude.

    Actionable -
    So if you are interested in pursuing this together in 2023, get in touch via LinkedIn / drop me a note.
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