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Last Post 28 Nov 2023 11:15 AM by  Patrick Ng
A hybrid approach to The Energy Transition Portfolio - Geothermal Play
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Patrick Ng
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28 Nov 2023 11:15 AM

    Feel free to share and note Reference [2], developed on real assets (oil & gas) and presented in SEG post conference workshop and AAPG ML symposium.

    Drew inspiration from the Explorer January 2022,

    It took a while to illustrate how hybrid approach can also work for Geothermal (wrangling with different categories of data, streamlining simulation, testing algo). In a nutshell, the same hybrid framework / methodology can help evaluate new energy investments - geothermal, lithium, H2 and critical minerals.

    Food for thought - up next ChatGPT on The Portfolio.

    Goal - together with AAPG, we smooth out the kinks in the energy transition.
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