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Last Post 27 Oct 2022 09:34 PM by  Patrick Ng
Deep Learning does not mean Deep Coding Visual
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Patrick Ng
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27 Oct 2022 09:34 PM
    In 2.5 weeks, Energy in Data will regroup at Austin.

    Quick look back -

    This post serves as closure from an exchange in February, on Day One of the Energy in Data gathering after the pandemic. In open discussion after Dr John Foster's “Tiny Neural Network” using 4 nodes + one hidden layer to tackle the water saturation Buckley-Leverett problem, I asked how the audience felt about using Power BI. The prevalent view was that real data science wasn’t done in Excel or Power BI, the latter more for reporting. (App comes with Windows 10 and 11, free. Just type "Power" in the Windows search box and install.).

    Eight months on, here is a step-by-step tutorial of taking a low-code approach to doing high-granularity data science like type curve normalized by lateral length.

    For a closer look, see

    Additional use case from AAPG EMD - exploring USGS minerals data*

    *video segment 7:42 to 24:05 (courtesy of Ashley Douds).

    Look ahead - have more stimulating exchanges November 15-16 at Austin.
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