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Deep Learning/Machine Learning Technical Interest Group (TIG)

Applying new analytics, neural networks, computational approaches using structured and unstructured data, and also training neural networks with supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Chaired by Patrick Ng and Andrew Munoz.
Deep Learning - Machine Learning TIG
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Last Post 08 Jul 2019 07:12 PM by  Patrick Ng
Azure, AWS and GCP snapshot Q2, 2019
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Patrick Ng
New Member
New Member

08 Jul 2019 07:12 PM
    Azure - while Auto-ML imbedded in Power BI can deliver standard classification and regression, it does require a Premium subscription. In a multi-tier model, Pro tier won’t get Auto-ML yet. If Microsoft’s stated goal is “democratizing ML”, Azure shows it can be done by 80/20 rule - 80% of the time, suffice as first quicklook. Just as features normalization from Lexus to Toyota over time, tiered features to Pro will be a welcome change in Q4.

    AWS - while Alexa can play nice with Python, the process is anything but easy. Like the early Ford Model T with hand crank starter, it is a true test of endurance and skill. Understand Amazon has acquired the outfit that develops the Flask-Ask framework for quietly marrying Alexa and Python. Possibly (hope) we get a well integrated and fine-tuned offspring development kit, so we simply turn the key, start the Alexa-Python engine running (no hand crank). In the same vein, as hassle free as scripting Alexa’s “utterances” and “intents”.

    GCP - what may lead to a step change on seismic interpretation using unsupervised deep neural network. It takes the laborious work of interpreters / geoscientists labeling the geologic features out of the time-resource equation. Understand the architecture is a mutant variant of ResNet, with order of magnitude different breadth and depth (thousands of neurons / layers). So TPU may be just right for time-critical applications of Ultra Deep Seismic Network (pre lease sale prospecting to quick subsurface reservoir evaluation).

    ResNet easy read:

    Food for thought - harnessing real-time power, what if 737 Max 8 uses Tensorflow with TPU?
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