AAPG Women’s Network (formerly PROWESS SIG) Committee

The mission of this committee is to increase participation and advancement of women in Earth sciences and the Energy Industry, with an emphasis on education, outreach, support, leadership development, and ultimately retention. The PROWESS Committee will interact with women in Earth science, their male peers and employers, educational institutions, and professional societies to accomplish this mission.
AAPG Womens Network
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Last Post 05 Aug 2019 11:04 AM by  Audrey Corte
PROWESS is now the AAPG Women's Network
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Audrey Corte
New Member
New Member

05 Aug 2019 11:04 AM
    We are excited to announce that PROWESS has been re-named the AAPG Women's Network (AAPGWN) and will be known as such from now on. In the coming days, you'll see this rolled out to the greater AAPG community. The website has been updated accordingly. We hope you will help us promote this change and encourage greater membership in the AAPG Women’s Network.

    In the meantime, please review the attached charter for more clarification on AAPGWN's mission and vision moving forward.
    Audrey Corte | Programs Coordinator
    American Association of Petroleum Geologists
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