Super Basins Committee

Mission: Bring together experts on the world's greatest energy basins to study geoscience architecture, technology, and anticipate energy opportunities. To create AAPG technical programs that are well attended, yield economic surplus to AAPG, and provide a valuable scientific legacy. This legacy includes AAPG Bulletin Special Issues, Data Pages, Search and Discovery, and multimedia archives (videos and presentations). In short: "Pack the house, make money for AAPG, leave a Legacy of intellectual property."

Charles Alan Sternbach Charles Alan Sternbach Chair 2020-2023 Star Creek Energy
Claudio Bartolini Claudio Bartolini Committee Member 2021-2023
Richard Dale Fritz Richard Dale Fritz Committee Member 2020-2023 FritzEP
Robert E. Fryklund Robert E. Fryklund Committee Member 2020-2023 S&PGlobal Commodities
Rebecca R. Harrington Rebecca R. Harrington Committee Member 2020-2023 BKV Corporation
Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Kristie Leigh Luchtel Ferguson Committee Member 2020-2023 KLF Geological Consulting, LLC
Per Kent Pedersen Per Kent Pedersen Committee Member 2020-2023 ffffff
Stephen A. Sonnenberg Stephen A. Sonnenberg Committee Member 2020-2023 Colorado School of Mines
Linda Raine Sternbach Linda Raine Sternbach Committee Member 2020-2023 Star Creek Energy

Committee Reports

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