Research Committee

 The function of the Committee on Research is to monitor activities in geological research relating to exploration and production of petroleum and other energy minerals; to promote the interchange of research ideas through conferences, and the distribution of research information through symposia; to assist other AAPG committees with matters pertaining to research activities; and to initiate, sponsor, and cooperate with other organizations in gathering data and preparing reports on subjects of interest to geoscientists. 

The committee consists of two subcommittees: 

  1. Reservoir Deformation Research Group and 
  2. Unconventional Gas Research Group.
Joel Herve Le Calvez Joel Herve Le Calvez Chair 2019-2022 Schlumberger
Sumit Bhardwaj Sumit Bhardwaj Committee Member 2019-2022 Statoil ASA, Norway
Dave Lee Cantrell Dave Lee Cantrell Committee Member 2019-2022 Cantrell GeoLogic LLC
Timothy Robert Carr Timothy Robert Carr Committee Member 2019-2022 West Virginia University
Jean-Yves D. Chatellier Jean-Yves D. Chatellier Committee Member 2019-2022 Nexen
Sergio Chavez-Perez, Phd Sergio Chavez-Perez, Phd LACR Committee Member 2020-2023 Mexican Petroleum Institute
Geoffrey  Ellis Geoffrey Ellis Committee Member 2019-2022 U. S. Geological Survey (USGS)
Dhahri Ferid Dhahri Ferid Committee Member 2020-2023 Faculty of Sciences of Gafsa
Barry Jay Katz Barry Jay Katz Committee Member 2019-2022 Chevron
Christopher Matthews Keane Christopher Matthews Keane Committee Member 2020-2022 American Geological Institute
Michael Matthew McGlue Michael Matthew McGlue Committee Member 2020-2022 University of Kentucky
Donald Arthur Medwedeff, PhD Donald Arthur Medwedeff, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022
Mei  Mei Mei Mei Committee Member 2021-2024 chevron
Eugene A. Shinn Eugene A. Shinn Committee Member 2019-2022 retired
Joseph Thompson Joseph Thompson Committee Member 2021-2024 University of Ghana
Bruno Vendeville, PhD Bruno Vendeville, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022 Univ. des Sci. & Tech
Yitian  Xiao Yitian Xiao Committee Member 2019-2022 Sinopec
Susan Smith Nash Susan Smith Nash Staff Liaison 2008-2099 AAPG
Douglas Alan Paton Committee Member 2019-2022 University of Leeds

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