Astrogeology Committee

The Astrogeology Committee provides AAPG members a forum for ideas on astrogeology and its relationships to terrestrial geology, energy and other issues. Efforts include organizing symposia at various meetings, recommending speakers for distinguished lectures, encouraging poster sessions on astrogeology at earth science meetings and acting as liaison with groups having similar interests, such as NASA, ESA and other international space entities. The Committee encourages digital and/or paper publications on astrogeology and related subjects. All who are interested in astrogeology, planetary science, and their application to energy, environmental, and other resources are invited to join the Astrogeology Committee.

William Anthony Ambrose William Anthony Ambrose Co-Chair 2019-2022 Bureau of Economic Geology
Bruce Lee Cutright Bruce Lee Cutright Co-Chair 2019-2022 Geoframe energy
Matthew A. Brzostowski Matthew A. Brzostowski General Vice Co-Chair 2019-2022 SLB
Douglas John Cook Douglas John Cook General Vice Co-Chair 2019-2022
Triegue Scott Allen Committee Member 2019-2022 Chevron
Dieter K. Beike Committee Member 2019-2022
Darwin Rice Boardman III Committee Member 2019-2022 DrillingInfo
Nicolas Brissette Committee Member 2019-2022 Unemployed
David B. Buthman Committee Member 2019-2022 Hilcorp Alaska LLC
Michael D. Campbell Committee Member 2019-2022 I2M Consulting, LLC
Philip Jan Cannon, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022 Planetary Data
Donald Dean Clarke Committee Member 2019-2022
David Eugene Eby Committee Member 2019-2022 Eby Petrography & Consulting
Lee Irons Committee Member 2019-2022 Deep Space Ecology
Morgan Irons Committee Member 2019-2022 Deep Space Ecology
David T. King, Jr., PhD Committee Member 2019-2022 Auburn University
Gary Lynn Kinsland Committee Member 2019-2022 University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Levi James Knapp Committee Member 2019-2022 JOGMEC
Martin L. Messmer Committee Member 2019-2022 DME
Lorena Moscardelli Committee Member 2019-2022 BEG
Harry William Mueller III Committee Member 2019-2022 Harry Mueller: Geoscience Cons
Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, PhD Committee Member 2019-2022
Seiichi Nagihara Committee Member 2019-2022 Texas Tech University
David Edward Noller Committee Member 2019-2022
Karl Steven Osvald Committee Member 2019-2022 Federal Government
Anita Renee Paulssen Paulssen Committee Member 2019-2022 Mewbourne
Douglas Cameron Peters Committee Member 2019-2022 Peters Geosciences
Brian P. Pitts Committee Member 2019-2022
Michael A. Raines Committee Member 2019-2022 MARs Exploration and Energy, LLC
Charles Alan Sternbach Committee Member 2019-2022 Star Creek Energy
Linda Raine Sternbach Committee Member 2019-2022 starcreek energy
Herbert A. Vogler, III Committee Member 2019-2022
Brian Wall Committee Member 2019-2022
Kenneth Lee Wright Committee Member 2019-2022 Loma Linda University
Douglas Everett Wyatt, Jr. Committee Member 2019-2022 AMENTUM-NASA
James F. Reilly, II Other Officer 2019-2022 American Public University System
Harrison Hagan Schmitt Other Officer 2019-2022
Stephanie Nwoko Executive Committee Liaison 2019-2022
Susan Nash Staff Liaison 2017-2099 breeling

The primary goal of the AAPG Astrogeology Committee is to emphasize the use of geosciences in the development of off-world exploration energy and other natural resources for development in the foreseeable future (more than 10 years hence). This is under the guidance and input provided by previous NASA geologists, Dr. Harrison “Jack" Schmitt and Dr. James Reilly and by industry professionals of the AAPG’s Energy Minerals Division, the Division of Professional Affairs, and the Division of Environmental Geosciences.

Off-world exploration requires a long-lead time in earth-based preparations, and discussions on the geological, geophysical, and geographical aspects of such exploration are the first steps in such exploration and eventual development and production of such resources. This will be accomplished by planning and implementing a series of annual programs, symposia or poster sessions at AAPG Conventions that emphasizes all aspects of astrogeology and its direct and indirect application to the exploration for energy (and other) resources whether they be located off-world or on Earth.

Incorporating the support and encouragement from the 35,000 energy resource geoscientists world-wide making up the AAPG, the AAPG Astrogeology Committee also seeks to encourage the younger generations who will one day participate directly in off-world programs by extending similar programs to develop and implement annual K-12 teacher outreach programs, either at an AAPG-sponsored meeting, or at a similar venue, and organize a Hedberg-type research conference on the extraterrestrial exploration for energy resources.

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Committee Reports

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