Geoscience of Rift Systems: Evolution of East Africa

Edited by C.K. Morley
The book represents a summary of key results of hydrocarbon exploration activities during the 1980s and 1990s in a number of rift segments in East Africa. Surface and subsurface analysis of the rift basins involved multifold seismic relfection data, gravity and magnetic data, deep and shallow well control, and geological analysis of outcrops. The areas covered were vast, thus, the geological information gathered represents an unprecedented effort in the region that is unlikely to be repeated soon.

Divided into two parts with 14 chapters and 5 appendices, the data presented in this volume allows faults to be mapped and correlated with more confidence than before, basin evolution to be examined over a long time period, and some relationships between tectonics and sedimentation to be studied.

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AAPG Studies in Geology 44

Formerly a print book published in 1999, now available on Digital Download.

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Author:Edited by C.K. Morley
Release Date:Jan 31, 2000
Media:Digital Download