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The geometry and petrogenesis of dolomite hydrocarbon reservoirs

Edited by C.J.R. Braithwaite, G. Rizzi, and G. Drake

This volume is a purposeful compilation of 17 papers by experienced industry and academic researchers that provides concepts, models, processes, and examples of dolomitization and subsurface dolomite reservoirs. Two key overview papers are 1) a lengthy historical and "critical reappraisal" of concepts and models of dolomitization by Hans Machel, and 2) the methodology of going "from conceptual to numerical models" of dolomitization by Whitaker, Smart, and Jones from Bristol University. The other papers are case studies of specific dolomite reservoirs and fields that discuss important characteristics such as pore system origins, parameters and flow properties, base-metal mineralization, stratigraphic patterns of dolomitization including early, shallow- burial stratal concordant and late, deep-burial and fault discordant geometries. The paper by Gale et al. characterizes fractures in dolomite reservoirs and provides examples of Ordovician and Permian reservoirs and outcrops in Texas and Mississippi, USA. Further, the case studies are distributed temporally and spatially including examples from the Carboniferous of Canada, USA, and UK, the Permian from the USA, the Late Jurassic from the Arabian Basin, and the Miocene from SE Asia and Australia. As an illustration of how comprehensive the papers are, the paper by Carnell and Wilson contains 14 pages of tables and three companion distribution maps that document Tertiary dolostone occurrences throughout SE Asia. For any industry practitioner who seeks wisdom to explore for and/or develop and produce hydrocarbons from dolomite reservoirs, this volume would be the place to start, because it provides papers on the origins and characteristics of them with numerous reinforcing examples.

Braithwaite, C.J.R., G. Rizzi, and G. Drake, eds., 2004, The geometry and petrogenesis of dolomite hydrocarbon reservoirs: The Geological Society, London, 421 p.

Jim Markello and Bill Morgan



Carbonates,Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

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