Biological and Geological Perspectives of Dinoflagellates

Edited by J. M. Lewis, F. Marret and L. R. Bradley


This volume provides an overview of current research on fossil and modern dinoflagellates, as well as highlighting research areas for future collaboration, following the DINO9 International Conference in Liverpool. The volume is organized into four themes, with a review paper for each theme written by the key-note speaker. Each theme also includes a future research foci note following discussion during the conference.

The contributions are organized into the following sections: environmental change, ecology/palaeoecology, life cycles and diversity, and stratigraphy and evolution. Also included are notes from two workshops: culture experiments and dinocysts as palaeoceanographic tracers.

This volume will be of interest to both the biological and micropalaeontological communities.

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Publisher:Geological Society for the Micropalaeontological Society
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