This morning you balanced your checkbook with an automatic withdrawal of over $400 for gas and electric for your 4,000-square-foot home. On your way to the airport you filled up your SUV for over $70. You are spending a lot more than you spent last year for your morning cornflakes, the ribeye steak you had last night, and the corn squeezens from your local moonshiner. You’re mad as hell and want to know what’s going on. Are you being gouged? Do the energy companies really earn obscene profits? And what’s with a new energy policy coming out of Congress every year? This book gives you some answers to your questions. But more importantly it helps you understand where these prices are going. After all, you already paid for today’s energy. It is really all about being able to plan for the future.
>So, what will you learn as I bare my soul in my 12-step program?

Section I
The first 7 Steps lead up to my forecast for energy prices.

Section II
The remaining 5 Steps address the use and misuse of energy price forecasts.

Section III
I conclude my program with a bonus Step that is aimed at you, dear reader, turning yourself into an informed, energy-literate consumer.

Softcover, 180 pages
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Publisher:Outskirts Press, Inc.
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