Geological Development of Anatolia and the Easternmost Mediterranean Region

Edited by A. H. G. Robertson, O. Parlak, and U. C. Unlugenc


Anatolia and the easternmost Mediterranean region, especially Turkey, Cyprus and northern Syria, represent an excellent natural laboratory for the study of fundamental geological processes (e.g. rifting, seafloor spreading, ophiolite genesis and emplacement, subduction, exhumation and collision). Their interaction has created an intriguing array of deep-sea basins, microcontinents and suture zones.

The volume's 22 papers include a large amount of new field-based information (much of it multidisciplinary and the product of teamwork). After an overview, the volume is divided into four sections: Late Palaeozoic-Early Cenozoic of the Pontides (northern Turkey); Late Palaeozoic-Early Cenozoic of the Taurides-Anatolides (central and southern Turkey); Late Cretaceous-Pliocene sedimentary basins and structural development (central Anatolia to the Mediterranean); Late Miocene-Recent neotectonics (southern Turkey, Cyprus and northern Syria).

The volume will interest numerous academic researchers, those concerned with resources (e.g. hydrocarbons; mineral deposits) and also hazards (e.g. earthquakes), as well as advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Geological Society of London Special Publication 372

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