M99 - The Salt Mine: A Digital Atlas of Salt Tectonics

Michael R. Hudec and Martin P. A. Jackson

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The Salt Mine provides a guided tour of some of the finest examples of salt tectonics in both classic and little-known salt basins. The tour includes more than 1,350 images and 50 animations of salt structures, including many previously unpublished physical and numerical models produced by the Applied Geodynamics Laboratory. Each image has a detailed caption discussing the most interesting, unique, or well-illustrated aspects of the structure.

The atlas has two parts: a DVD and a book. The DVD contains all images and animations and is fully searchable. The book showcases 400 of the most interesting and visually appealing of the images in the digital atlas.
  • Hard-bound book with more than 400 illustrations and photographs in full color
  • Interactive DVD with more than 1350 illustrations and photographs in full color
  • DVD contains more than 50 animations and multiple search functions

Novices and experts alike will find The Salt Mine an invaluable resource for analogs that yield new insights into the geometry, origin, and evolution of salt structures.
AAPG Memoir 99 / Bureau of Economic Geology
Product Code:1183
Publisher:Published jointly by the Bureau of Economic Geology and the AAPG.
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