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AAPGWN Newsletter - Issue 2 | Third quarter 2021

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)


AAPG/SPE Potential Merger
A conversation with AAPG President Gretchen Gillis

At the last AAPGWN All-Members meeting, Gretchen spoke about the successful collaboration between AAPG and SPE, why a merger is being explored, visions for the new organization, and the process/timeline for the merger. Internationally, AAPG members seem enthusiastic about the merger, as do the younger members. There are still some people that are concerned about where their interest fits into the combined organization.

According to Gretchen, merging AAPGWN and the equivalent group in SPE will not be handled in the"components" discussions. Susan Howes said that one of the SPE disciplines is Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability. Gretchen confirmed that the environmental science section would be available in the new organization and also included with sustainability.

Several members spoke up in support of the merger and its focus on energy during the meeting.

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Upcoming Events
Webinar series

October 27th
"Our Evolving Geoscience World: How are academic departments responding?" This panel discussion will feature Dr. Camelia Knapp (Oklahoma State University), Dr. Claudia Mora (Jackson School of Geosciences, UT Austin), and Dr. Paul Bierman (University of Vermont).

December 2021
Talk featuring Dr. Rebecca Dodge. More information coming soon.

"Geology of ..." series
"Geology of ..." series
The Geology of Wine and Cheese - This event will focus on caves and their impact on aging cheese and wine. This virtual eating and drinking event will be held on November 12 at 4 pm CST. If you are interested in helping plan this event, please contact .
Here's what AAPGWN is working on for IMAGE
Sept. 26-Oct.1:
Geochemistry Short Course
This virtual two-day short course (Saturday and Sunday) will focus on an introduction to geochemistry toolkit.
AAPGWN & SEGWN Special Session: Resilience, Tapping into our Passions in Order to Persevere
On Monday, unique stories from four individuals will be featured in this virtual session.
Networking event
Virtual event to be held Monday evening.
AAPGWN Luncheon
"Picture a scientist" movie with two speakers for Q&A on Tuesday. This is planned as an in-person event but virtual options are in the works. $30 for in-person attendance.
AAPGWN Special Session
Achieving Gender, Ethnic, and Racial Equality in Professional Geoscience - This virtual event will be held in collaboration with other organizations on Wednesday.

Past Events
Webinar series
On June 22, Professor Clemencia Gómezpresented "One Geologist Per Region," an initiative to ensure at least one geoscientist is present in each municipality in Colombia to develop a geological culture and improve the quality of life. This Spanish/English bilingual event was a big success. The link to the YouTube recording of the webinar is available HERE.
Student Initiative
A panel discussion was held on June 29 on the topic of "Transitioning from Student to Professional." Panelists included Stefano Mazzoni, Peace Eze, Fola Kolawole, and Ursala Hammes. Moones Alamooti moderated the event. The organizers hope to engage more students in future events through a survey of student interests.
Geology of Beer

The "Geology of Beer"event on August 20 had record-breaking attendance of 536. Participants heard from three panelists and sampled four different beers. Thanks to Midwest GeoSciences Group for their collaboration. A recording of the event is located HERE.


Ongoing Initiatives
Mentoring Program
This program facilitates one-on-one mentoring relationships connecting mentees with mentors in the geoscience community. Mentoring helps you to expand networks, gain new knowledge and insights and build new skills. Connections can be held virtual or face-to-face. Application deadline extended to Sept. 10. Anyone can apply to be a mentor. Both male and female mentees will be accepted and male mentees will be paired with female mentors. Learn more HERE.
Addressing Energy Transition

Members discussed the energy transition at the All-Member meeting and brainstormed ways that we can contribute to this important topic, including potential collaboration with other ongoing AAPG initiatives. If you have ideas, please contact .

AAPGWN Co-chair Election

Ali Sloan was elected to the AAPGWN co-chair position in the recent election.

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