Spring 2024: AAPG Academy Webinar Schedule

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)
All times Central Time Zone
1:00 pm
AI and Machine Learning for Successful Exploration and Development
Deborah Sacrey, Auburn Energy
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12 Noon
In Search of the First Super-Predators of the Mesozoic, from Antarctica to Nevada
Jean-Philippe Blouet
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12 Noon
Gas Measurement and Leak Detection
Dwight Bulloch, Capstone
Curtis Shuck, Well Done Foundation
Sunil Garg, DataVedik
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12 Noon
2024 Energy Industry Outlook: What to Expect and Why Reports Often Underestimate U.S. Output
Bob Fryklund, Chief Upstream Strategist, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Raoul LeBlanc, Vice President, Energy, S&P Global Commodity Insights
Bill Fairhurst, Independent Petroleum Geologist
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12 Noon
Brine Mining: Iodine, Lithium and More
Nikolay Sakharov
Lithium in the Smackover: Using a New Tool to Evaluate Potential
Galen Dillewyn
The Geology of the lithium in the Smackover
Galen Huling
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12 Noon
Energy Innovations
The Internet of [Energy] Things
Kelsey Putnam, Tulsa Innovation Lab
Robotics and AI to Detect Methane Using Hand-Held Sensors
Oleg Mikhailov, Xplorobot
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12 Noon
New Technology Showcase and NVidia / Dell Support for Startups
A New Type of Seal for Plugging Wells
Ann Copple
Dell for Startups
Gina Vaidya
Seawater for Fracwater
Brent Smith
NVidia's Support for Startups
Marc Spieler
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12 Noon
Interactive Earth Modeling
Jean-Marie Laigle, Xplorlab
Manu Pubellier, DeepTime Digital Earth
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12 Noon
The Final Frontier of Deepwater Exploration
The Continent-Ocean Transition Zone of Rifted-Passive Margins
Paul Mann, University of Houston
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12 Noon
Petroleum Systems
Andy Pepper, TIPS
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