Buying, Selling, and Evaluating Granite Wash Properties in Oklahoma & Texas: A "Must-Attend" Forum

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The Granite Wash of the Anadarko Basin of Oklahoma and Texas has been a remarkable challenge with prolific results for operators who have solved the mystery of a highly complex play.

With up to 18 producing zones, extreme compartmentalization, and pressures that can be challenging, all phases of exploration, drilling, and production require special knowledge.

Lessons learned and recent techniques have improved the chances of hitting the sweet spots and also effectively completing and producing the formation. Some of the techniques include

  • Better mapping of the reservoir architecture
  • Improved reservoir characterization
  • New hydraulic fracturing techniques and fluids
  • Data mining and enhanced “Big Data” techniques for multivariate analysis and predictive modeling of the formation and the reservoirs
  • Improved seismic, including 3D seismic and image mapping

Join experts who will share their valuable experience and insights in the Granite Wash at AAPG’s Granite Wash Forum, Thursday, September 25 in Oklahoma City at the Skirvin Hotel.

In addition to listening to presentations and reviewing new information, you will have an opportunity to participate in discussions and question-and-answer sessions.

Finally, keep in mind that right now is an excellent time to buy, sell, and evaluate Granite Wash properties, many of which are on the market. To do so well, you need knowledge and information. Attend AAPG’s Granite Wash Forum for the “must-know” details you need to succeed.

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