AAPG 2018 Annual Convention & Exhibition

Fuel Your Future by Exhibiting and Sponsoring ACE 2018

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

At ACE you'll get quality time with prospects to show off your products and services and you'll also meet a wide range of energy professionals, geoscientists, and students to recruit the team you need for the coming industry upturn.

95%  overall satisfaction rating from exhibitors with an astonishing 0% reporting dissatisfaction.  
90% of our exhibitors found ACE to be a successful event for prospecting clients and customers.

Exhibiting at ACE is Easy

  1. View the floor plan and select your desired location
  2. Download and complete a Space Contract (Commercial or Nonprofit) 
  3. Return to your ACE 2018 Representative

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Good marketers understand the advantage of being first in mind. Be the first brand your target thinks of when making a buying decision by investing in an aggressive brand strategy that paves the way for your sales team.

Get your brand noticed and help fuel the future of the geosciences industry. Join the next century of science and innovation by sponsoring ACE Salt Lake City.

Sponsoring ACE is Easy

  1. Select the sponsored items that are the best fit for your companies brand
  2. Complete and return the sponsorship commitment form along with your company logo (logo needs to be a vector .eps file)

Secure Your Sponsorships

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Questions? We can help, contact us today.

Mike Taylor
Sales Manager
Tel: +1 918 630 5672

Tracy Thompson
Sales Representative
Tel: +1 918 560 9414

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