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3rd Edition: Stratigraphic Traps of the Middle East (On Demand)

Occurred Sunday, 28 March – Friday, 28 May 2021, 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Virtual Workshop via Zoom (Dubai, UAE time)

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What to Expect from the AAPG Virtual Experience:

Due to the ongoing travel restrictions and differing guidelines from companies and organizations, the AAPG Stratigraphic Traps of the Middle East GTW took place virtually from 28 March – 1 April 2021 and is now available on-demand anytime, from anywhere, and from any device until 28 May 2021.

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The Geosciences Technology Workshop (GTW) aims to build on the success of the previous two workshops hosted by AAPG on stratigraphic traps of the Middle East GTW in Muscat, Oman in 2014 and 2017. This third edition will continue to deliver the latest understanding and industry practices on dealing with stratigraphic traps in various geometries and settings by engaging with key industry and academic professionals. Presenters will share recent knowledge through case studies, new technologies, and latest innovative geological thinking to unlock its potential and deal with upcoming associated challenges.

Many traditional structural traps of the region have been identified. Attention is quickly moving to identify complex trapping configurations for potentially large stratigraphic traps, which in many places in the Middle East, have seen positive successful exploration results recently. Thus, it is rapidly becoming clear that these evolved traps carry significant future value. This 3-day workshop aims to continue the success of the previous meetings and by investigating further the concepts of exploration of stratigraphic traps in the Middle East.

The amount of technical work required to effectively mitigate the geological risks associated with stratigraphic traps has increased significantly. Mature basins, such as those found in the Middle East, provide the ideal setting for defining technologies and workflows that will ensure continued execution of successful exploration programs. The wealth of available data, knowledge, and professional experience in these mature basins enables a better understanding of the regional geology, depositional environments, and petroleum systems, all critical elements to successful evaluation of complex trapping configurations.

New technologies and best practices that support the evaluation of stratigraphic traps and the decision making process will be emphasized during this workshop. We will be discussing new developments in seismic data acquisition, such as the acquisition of high-resolution seismic data, new processing techniques focused on imaging and development of stratigraphic traps, and new interpretation workflows that have unraveled some of the latest discoveries in the area.

Benefits of Attending

The workshop is an opportunity for attendees to receive up-to-date knowledge about stratigraphic trap exploration, exposure to regional and global stratigraphic case studies, and to be introduced to state of the art-technologies utilized to detect these difficult to find yet rewarding traps. It is an opportunity to network and share experiences. The participants will receive a summary of the breakout sessions and discussions, lessons learned, and the abstracts of papers presented in the workshop.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop targets technical professionals involved in exploring and developing stratigraphic and subtle traps who are working in national operating and service companies, as well as in academic institutions.


Note: All program times were GST (Gulf Standard Time)

28th March 2021
12.30-12.40 Workshop Chair's Welcome and Introduction
12.40-12.50 Inaugural Keynote
Mohammad Faqira, Manager, Eastern Area Exploration Department, Saudi Aramco
12.50-13.20 Technical Keynote — Regional Scale Sequence Stratigraphy Resolves Depositional Misconceptions on the Arabian Plate – Examples from the Late Jurassic
Frans van Buchem, Halliburton / KAUST
Session 1: Seismic Recognition of Stratigraphic Traps
Session Chairs: Ghaida Al Sahlan, KOC and Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco
13.20-13.45 An Analog of Carbonate Stratigraphic Traps from Unraveling the Sequence Stratigraphic Architecture
David Tang, Saudi Aramco
13.45-14.10 An Integrated Approach to Unlocking Stratigraphic Trapping Potential – Lower Mesozoic Examples from Bahrain
Bleddyn Davies, CGG
14.10-14.20 Coffee Break
14.20-14.45 Seismic Morphology and Evolution of a Prograding Carbonate Platform
Phil Bassant, Saudi Aramco
14.45-14.50 E-Poster Presentation Summary Session
Analysis of Dolomitization on Sealing Capacity of Carbonate Reservoirs

Yin Xu, Saudi Aramco
14.50-15.50 Breakout Session
29th March 2021
Session 2: Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts and Models
Session Chairs: Frans van Buchem, Halliburton / KAUST and Didier Granjeon, IFP Energies Nouvelles
12.30-12.55 Unravelling Stratigraphic Trapping Mechanisms in Mesozoic Complex Carbonates of Arabia
Nicolas Hawie, Beicip
12.55-13.20 Key Learnings on the Cretaceous Arabian Platform From an Integration of Outcrop and Subsurface Data (Oman-UAE)
Phillippe Razin, Bordeaux University
13.20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.55 What is the Relationship Between Stratigraphy and Petroleum Production?
Jorge Magalhaes, Magalgeo consulting
13.55-14.55 Breakout Session
30th March 2021
Session 3: Outcrop Analogues
Session Chairs: Oluwaseun Fadipe, ADNOC and John Humphrey, KFUPM
12.30-12.55 Developing a Facies Architectural Outcrop Analog for Kuwait Formation at Jal Az-Zor Escarpment to understand Stratigraphic Controls on Heavy Oil Production Northern Kuwait
Aimen Amer, Schlumberger
12.55-13.20 Advances in Arabian stratigraphy: Sequence Stratigraphic Frameworks of the Shaqra Group, Central Saudi Arabia, New Understanding of the Jurassic History
Abdullah Al Mojel, Saudi Aramco
13.20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.55 Thalassinoides in the Updip Strata of the Hanifa Formation: Outcrop Analog of Potential Reservoir Zones
Hassan Eltom, KFUPM
13.55-14.55 Breakout Session
31st March 2021
Session 4: Integrated Case Studies
Session Chair: Oluwaseun Fadipe, ADNOC and Yazeed Alnuaim, Saudi Aramco
12.30-12.55 Identification of Exploration Potential for Stratigraphic Traps in Bahrain Offshore
Suresh Thampi, Tatweer Petroleum
12.55-13.20 Development of Diagenetic Traps Along the Hydrocarbon Migration Pathways
Ahmed Taher, ADNOC
13:20-13.30 Coffee Break
13.30-13.50 Stratigraphic Traps in the Middle East Region – Concepts, Idea’s, and Future Potential and Challenges
Janpieter van Dijk, OCRE Geoscience Services
13.50-14.15 Stratigraphic Traps in Upper Gharif in North Oman
Shamil Murzin, PDO
14.15-15.15 Breakout Session
1st April 2021
Session 5: Successes and Failures – Learnings from Both
Session Chairs: Luca De Vincenzi, OCRE & Elias Kharusi, Petrogas
12.30-12.55 Stratigraphic Traps From the Perspective of Seals
Colin Grant, Shell
12.55-13.20 SIMR: Stranded Opportunity Rejuvenation with a Stratigraphic Concept
Shiv Prakash, PDO
13.20-14.20 Breakout Session
14.20-14.30 Workshop Wrap Up And Adjournment

Analysis of Dolomitization on Sealing Capacity of Carbonate Reservoirs
Yin Xu, Saudi Aramco
Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Ghamdi Ibrahim Al-Ghamdi Session Chair Chief Geophysicist, GPTS, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Oluwaseun Fadipe Oluwaseun Fadipe Committee Member Specialist, Basin Modelling, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, United Arab Emirates
Luca De Vincenzi Luca De Vincenzi Committee Member OCRE Geoscience Services, Italy
Didier Granjeon Didier Granjeon Committee Member IFPEN, France
John D. Humphrey John Humphrey Committee Member Professor, KFUPM, Saudi Arabia
Ghaida Abdullah Al-Sahlan Ghaida Al-Sahlan Committee Member Stratigrapher, Kuwait Oil Company, Kuwait
Frans van Buchem Frans van Buchem Committee Member Principal Advisor Geoscience, Halliburton / KAUST, UK
Elias Al Kharusi Elias Al Kharusi Committee Member Petrogas E P, Oman
Yazeed S. Alnuaim Yazeed Alnuaim Committee Member Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia
Herve Farran Herve Farran Committee Member Shell, Netherlands (Holland)
Cora Navarro Marketing & Events Officer, Middle East
Katie Steibelt Events Manager, Middle East
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