Two Distinguished Lecturers Not to Miss

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The Distinguished Lecture (DL) program is now available online. This is a unique opportunity to engage and benefit from a hand-picked group of outstanding speakers covering a wide array of topics from your desktop or mobile device. Check out the two lecturers below that are most relevant to our Middle East Region.

William Lee Esch
William Lee Esch
Reservoir Quality Analysis and Prediction in Diagenetically Complex Reservoirs: A Challenging New Frontier - William Lee Esch, ExxonMobil

Mr. William Lee Esch – a senior geoscience advisor with ExxonMobil Upstream Integrated Solutions’ company, Subsurface Geology – presents not only a brief retrospective on the evolution of reservoir quality analysis and the prediction tools currently employed by industry, but also looks to the future with an overview of recent research efforts aimed at extending the predictive capabilities.

Michael J. Pyrcz
Michael J. Pyrcz
Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Energy Geoscience and Engineering - Michael J. Pyrcz, The University of Texas at Austin

Energy professionals have a long history of working with large, complicated geoscience and engineering datasets. There is a growing toolbox of old and new emerging data-driven methods available that may offer improved efficiencies and potentially new insights. This talk is an opportunity to link subsurface data analytics and machine learning to fundamental concepts from probability, statistics, geoscience, and engineering and to provide an enthusiastic, critical perspective on what we may expect in the data-driven science revolution.

*To enhance the virtual DL experience, you can schedule a live webinar chat or Q&A session with Mr. William Lee Esch or Mr. Michael J. Pyrcz and meet with them online. Please contact Heather Hodges, program coordinator, at to schedule your digital meeting.

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