Consider submitting your abstract to one of the EMD-sponsored themes for ACE 2019

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

Plans are well underway for ACE2019 in San Antonio, Texas, May 19 – 22. I hope you plan to attend and will consider submitting your abstract to one of the EMD-sponsored themes highlighted below.

The Technical Program Committee encourages the submission of high quality abstracts with direct application to our industry. In particular, abstracts that deal with the most compelling and relevant play areas, both domestic and international, are the most desirable. We also encourage case studies that illustrate the successful implementation of new scientific techniques and technologies. Student participation is a priority—AAPG ACE is an invaluable opportunity to showcase graduate research that advances the industry.

Submission deadline is Oct. 11, 2019

Theme 5: Unconventional Resources

Unconventional resources have dominated growth in production over the decade and have radically changed global oil markets. Our scientific understanding of these plays has also grown exponentially. Theme 5 presentations will span broad geographies and highlight advances in understanding petroleum systems and kinetics, mobility, reservoir fluid prediction and phase behavior, reservoir facies and quality, petrophysics, pore systems, and integration of geoscience with completions and development.

  • Advances in unconventional reservoir characterization
  • Advances in analytical techniques in unconventionals
  • Evolution of the organic and inorganic matrix in unconventional reservoirs
  • Permian Basin: advances in understanding geologic evolution and unconventional reservoir development
  • he Eagle Ford shale – Austin Chalk play
  • Unconventional plays of the Appalachians, Mid-continent and Rockies
  • International unconventional plays
  • General contributions
Theme 9: Exploration Frontiers, Energy Minerals, and Planetary Geology

Theme 9 represents the domain of greatest uncertainty faced by the energy industry – where to invest long term, what disruptions may await, what technologies may be truly transformational, how will energy systems and minerals be coupled in the future?

  • Emerging basins
  • Renewable energy integration: Geothermal, solar, wind, and biofuel
  • Energy and mineral resources - Earth and beyond
  • General contributions
Don’t delay! The submission deadline is October 11 at 5:00 PM ET.

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