Petroleum Geology Fundamentals

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Who Should Attend
This course is designed for petroleum geologists just beginning a career in the oil industry, or for students in their final phases of work. The course is also useful for petroleum engineers and geophysicists, geochemists, and scientists interested in learning the fundamentals of petroleum geology.

Upon successful completion of the course, the learner will be able to identify different types of reservoirs, explain the basics of petroleum geochemistry, discuss exploration methods, evaluate different technologies used in exploration, and describe how petroleum is produced.

Course Content

This course provides an overview of petroleum geology, from exploration to development. It provides foundational information required to work in the current industry environment, with content that ranges from a historical overview to methods of exploration, new technologies, subsurface geology, petroleum generation, reservoirs, traps, seals, petroleum systems, unconventional reservoirs, shale plays, geophysics, geochemistry, and more.

Key Topics

  • History of Petroleum Geology
  • Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Exploration Methods
  • Subsurface: Waters, Temperatures, Pressures, Fluid Dynamics
  • Generation of Petroleum
  • Reservoirs, Traps, Seals
  • Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Systems
  • Unconventionals, including Shale Plays
  • The Role of Technology

Course Structure

This is a self-paced, self-guided course, with interaction with an instructor. It consists of 8 units, and is designed to be completed in 4 weeks. All materials are online.

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Precio y modalidad del curso.
Hola¡ El precio del curso es en dólares? Cual es la modalidad del curso (como está estructurado y como será el requisito para obtener la certificación)?
4/11/2019 9:34:15 AM
Materials of the course
For how long do I get an access to materials of course "Petroleum Geology Fundamentals".
7/4/2018 8:59:07 AM

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