Art Saller

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Art Saller is a carbonate stratigrapher working on reservoir characterization with Cobalt International Energy in Houston, Texas. He has worked in the petroleum industry for 27 years helping provide stratigraphic support for successful exploration and production projects in west Texas, Canada, Angola, Indonesia, and Myanmar. Previous companies include Cities Service Oil & Gas, Unocal and Chevron. Art received his B.S. degree from the University of Kansas, M.S. degree from Stanford University, and Ph.D. from Louisiana State University (1984). He has published a number of papers on carbonate deposition, diagenesis and reservoir development in the AAPG Bulletin as well as other publications. He has also helped edit AAPG and SEPM books. For the last 25 years, Art has run field trips to the Caicos Platform (Bahamas) and Permian Basin (USA) for Unocal, Chevron, university geology groups, and the Nautilus Training Consortium.

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