Malleswar Yenugu

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Malleswar Yenugu is a PhD in Geophysics with over 10 years (including academia) of experience in the oil and gas industry, specialized in rock physics analysis of shale kerogen maturity, fluid substitution, and rock physics analysis of unconsolidated deepwater reservoirs. He has participated in project work and research studies in qualitative and quantitative seismic interpretation, seismic attribute analysis, petrophysics, rock properties, and seismic texture analysis for reservoir prediction and characterization.

Malleswar worked for 5-1/2 years as a Geoscientist working on assets in Middle East and India for Heramec and Reliance. For the following 5 years, while pursuing his graduate degrees at the University of Oklahoma and University of Houston, he has worked as an intern on dip estimation from volumetric seismic texture analysis (Chevron), integrated source rock characterization (ExxonMobil), and quantitative deepwater reservoir characterization (ConocoPhillips). In 2014, he joined Ikon Science Americas to work as a QI geoscientist with the QIS team supporting rock physics and inversion projects.

Malleswar has published research papers on probabilistic neural networks for characterization of coalbed methane, correlation of AVO inversion methods with porosity seen on logs and cores, relation between seismic curvature and fractures from image logs, seismic texture segmentation and cluster analysis applied to channel delineation and chert reservoir characterization, ultrasonic measurements of anisotropy in shales, microstructural characterization from GSA inversion, and seismic characterization of kerogen maturity. He is an associate editor for Interpretation journal and special editor for Geophysics journal. He is also selected as a short course instructor for SEG.

Malleswar holds a PhD degree in Geophysics from University of Houston, and a MSc degree in Geophysics from Andhra University.

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