Well and Project Reports

Lost My Lease

Seismic and Well-Log Sequence Stratigraphic, and High-Resolution Biostrat, tied to seismic highest Quality Reports

Plus individual wells are available from MICRO-STRAT INC. Reduced at least 50-70%.

INTERNATIONAL (630 reports) 30 countries, West and North Africa, Egypt, Mexico, Central and South America, China.

DOMESTIC (650 reports), Gulf of Mexico, Onshore, Offshore since 1983.

  • Shelf, Flextrend, Green Canyon To Alaminos Canyon.
  • Major Reports: Shelf (224), (37)
  • Wells tied to 2D, 3D seismic

EAGLE FORD 42 wells tied to seismic

Rocky Mountains, Nevada Reports

For more information contact Walter Wornardt: 713-822-2144 :

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