Ann Vasko Givan

Ann Vasko
Childhood ambitions:
Olympic gymnast; pilot in the military (Marine Corps)
My Career
Masters of Science in Geology, K-14 education license for California, Montana, and Colorado
Companies and Institutions I’ve worked for:
My first geo-job/internship was with Union Oil Company, CA – intern (who painted buildings all summer). My first career job was with Shell Oil Co. in Houston, Texas. Since then, I’ve worked in both oil and gas and education. Oil and Gas: Shell, Nance Petroleum (now St. Mary’s), and where I currently am. Education: Sacramento School Dist. (CA), Laurel School District (MT), Douglas City. School Dist. (CO), Montana State University – TRIO program – Math and Science Director.  
Basins I’ve worked:
US: Williston, Powder River, Big Horn, Teapot Dome, Paradox, Illinois, Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas Basin, Hugoton, Piceance, Wind River, Green River, San Pedro, San Joachin, Ft. Worth ;
International: Neuquén (Argentina), Cusiana/Cupiagua (Columbia), Mumbai (offshore India), Provost (Canada)
Years in the petroleum business:
My Pathway
First Well/Research Program:
Fault Gouge Analysis, Jackson-Teton Fault on Teton Pass, Wyoming
My Geo-Specialties:
Structure, fractures, CO2 sequestration, multidisciplinary integration, petrophysics
My fondest career memory or proudest moment:
My fondest memory was at age 24 in Arkansas the rough necks were mercilessly hassling me, so I challenged them to a contest: shooting beer cans (with a gun) off a fence. My victory was so overwhelming; they reckoned they would never let it be known outside our “little” group. Needless to say, I stopped getting 3 am phone calls for false shows. My proudest moment was presenting my first professional paper at a national scientific conference at age 50!
My Inspiration
My inspiration and motivation comes from:
My father
My most memorable idols/mentors:
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Margaret LaPorta-Brewer, my ancestors who crossed the ocean to come to America to start a new life with nothing, leaving everything they knew and loved behind.
My Impact
AAPG member since:
AAPG committees:
K-12 Education, PROWESS
Society Affiliations:
My Best Advice:
Every time you give a talk pretend that you are standing on an iceberg. Each word is a chip off of that iceberg. When you choose your words, choose wisely so that at the end of the talk you are still above water.

Master’s of Science in Geology, K-14 education license for California, Montana, and Colorado
Currently employed with, Inc.

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