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John R.
John R. Hogg
Skybattle Resources Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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AAPG! What an invaluable organization, with outstanding programs and services, and a very dedicated staff.

With humility, I’m honored to have been nominated by the Advisory Council and selected by the Executive Committee to run for the position of president-elect.

I began volunteering for AAPG in 1982, at the annual convention in Calgary, my hometown, and at that time I never would have thought years later I would have the opportunity to be the general chair of the 2005 Annual Convention and Exhibition (ACE) in Calgary, and then general chair of the 2010 AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE), let alone now running for president-elect. During all my years in Calgary, I’ve also been a long-time volunteer in my local affiliated Society, the CSPG and served my fellow Canadians as their president.

My career as a Petroleum Geologist has been focused on exploration. I am currently vice president of exploration and operations at MGM Energy, an independent company boldly exploring in the Canadian Arctic. Exploration, and new discoveries that result, are energizing and drive me everyday. Geology led me into this vocation and into AAPG as a young professional, and from there I have never stopped working to build a better AAPG for the members.

For me, first and foremost, AAPG is about science – applied science, which originates from our practicing industry members, as well as pure science from our academic members. AAPG’s audacious goal, “to be indispensable to all professionals in the energy-related geosciences worldwide,” is a great future state, but to become “indispensable worldwide” is about more than science. Collegiality, mentorship, volunteering, professionalism and services – including publications, conferences, GTWs and educational opportunities overall – are very important to each of us, and we need to continuously develop ways to produce even better programs and services.

If I am elected your new president-elect, I have a number of areas that I want to work with you in advancing:

  • Disseminate more; we now have the Bulletin, Search and Discovery and the inaugural Interpretation magazine this fall. How do we focus on adding more value from these important resources for our members?
  • Establishment of technical interest groups; not quite Divisions, but more than committees; can we grow the membership by bringing members together through shared enthusiasm of our scientific, technical or diversity interests?
  • Build on our Regions and Sections; how can AAPG help these geographically focused groups become even more valuable by working as cohesive teams?
  • Empower our Young Professionals; encourage them to build new programs and services for their current and future needs?

Lastly, certainly the high points of my volunteer career included being the chairman of the House of Delegates, serving as the first international vice president-Regions and receiving AAPG Honorary membership. These were invaluable experiences and honors, which have helped prepare me for this office. If I’m fortunate enough to become your future president, I want to share my enthusiasm and energy for AAPG with each and every member and inspire those that are not yet members to join us.

Simply said, I would greatly appreciate your views, and especially your vote, next spring. Win or lose, I hope you will all consider making the time to get involved with all of us to make AAPG great!

Academic Degrees

  • 1981 B.S., geology, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada


  • 2007-Present MGM Energy Corp., Calgary, vice president and corporate officer
  • 2006-07 ConocoPhillips Canada, Calgary, manager Western Canada New Ventures and Canadian Frontier Exploration
  • 2005-06 Burlington Resources Canada, Calgary, manager-new ventures
  • 1997-2005 PanCanadian/EnCana, Calgary, vice president Atlantic Canada Exploration and Drilling, Offshore Business Unit
  • 1988-97 Petro-Canada Inc., Calgary, team lead/geological specialist Atlantic Canada Business Unit
  • 1984-88 Husky Oil Operations, Calgary, senior geologist, Offshore Nova Scotia Exploration Dept.
  • 1981-84 Gulf Canada Resources, Calgary, exploration geologist, Arctic exploration team


AAPG Activities

Joined AAPG 1981
Member DPA

  • 2012-14 Foundation Fundraising Advisory Committee
  • 2012-13 Ad-Hoc IP Future Direction Committee, chair
  • 2012-14 HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee
  • 2010-14 AAPG Rep., OTC-ATC Conferences, vice chair, '11; chair, '13; past chair, '14
  • 2010-13 Investment Committee
  • 2010-11 Advisory Council - Canada Region
  • 2009-10 General chair, 2010 AAPG ICE, Calgary
  • 2009-12 DPA Governmental Affairs Committee
  • 2009-11 Canada Region vice president
  • 2009-11 HoD Constitution and Bylaws Committee chair, '09
  • 2008-09 AAPG 3P Conference chair, Moscow
  • 2008-09 Global Events Oversight Commttee
  • 2007-09 AAPG vice president-Regions
  • 2007-09 Distinguished Lecture International Subcommttee
  • 2007-08 Audit Committee
  • 2005-07 AAPG ICE Committee chair
  • 2005-08 Research Committee
  • 2005-09 HoD Nominations and Elections Committee
  • 2004-05 General chair AAPG ACE, Calgary
  • 2004-06 Past president, Canada Region
  • 2004-05 HoD Ad-Hoc Committee on Executive Session, chair
  • 2003-05 Convention Coordination Commttee, chair, '05
  • 2002-09 Committee on Committees
  • 2003-04 Affiliated society president, CSPG
  • 2002-03 President, Canada Region
  • 2002-11 Visiting Geoscientists Committee
  • 2001-03 Vice president/treasurer, Canada Region
  • 2001-02 HoD Honors and Awards, Chair
  • 2000-01 AAPG Advisory Council
  • 1999-2004 DPA Council - international member
  • 1999-2000 AAPG House of Delegates chair
  • 1998-99 AAPG Budget Committee
  • 1998-99 HoD Ad-Hoc Elected Editor Committee
  • 1998-99 HoD Ad-Hoc IRC Amendment Resolution Committee, chair
  • 1998-99 AAPG House of Delegates, chair-elect
  • 1997-98 HoD Constitution and Bylaws, vice chair
  • 1997-98 HoD Future of Earth Scientists Committee, chair
  • 1996-97 HoD Ad-Hoc International Representation Committee, chair
  • 1994-95 HoD Recording secretary
  • 1993-95 HoD Ad-Hoc Unaffiliated Delegates Committee, chair
  • 1991-1992 Field trip chair, AAPG ACE, Calgary
  • 1991-92 HoD Credentials Committee, chair
  • 1990-91 HoD Nominations and Elections Committee
  • 1989-92 Foreman, Canadian delegates
  • 1987-90 Membership Committee
  • 1986-15 HoD delegate

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • 2013 Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Honorary Membership
  • 2011 HoD Honorary Member of the House
  • 2010 AAPG Honorary Membership
  • 2010 Certificate of Merit
  • 2010 HoD 15 year Certificate of Service
  • 2007 Certificate of Merit
  • 2006 Affiliated Society, CSPG, Presidents Award
  • 2005 Certificate of Merit
  • 2004 HoD Distinguished Member of the House
  • 2004 Certificate of Merit
  • 2002 Distinguished Service Award
  • 2000 A.I. Levorsen Award, Best Paper Eastern Section
  • 1999 Certificate of Merit


Over 50 oral and poster presentations on Atlantic Canada Geology, petroleum accumulations Jurassic Rift Margins and Canadian Arctic basins at technical conferences.

Section 2. President

The President shall be the chief executive officer of this Association. The President shall be spokesman for the Association on all matters pertaining to the public; shall appoint the members of all committees within the limits prescribed in the Constitution and Bylaws; shall appoint delegates to cooperating organizations to represent the Association; and shall serve as chair of the Executive Committee.

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Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for an AAPG Office."

Their responses and biographical information were provided by each candidate and edited only for grammar, spelling and format.

This information will also be provided as hard-copy in an early issue of the EXPLORER and available on the AAPG website through the election period. Ballots will be mailed, online in the first quarter of each year. Results will be posted mid-May.

Candidates were asked to limit their biographies to 350 words and responses to 500 words.

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