Candidate for Vice President, Sections (2022-24)

Rebecca Dodge
Associate Professor
Midwestern State University


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Academic Degrees

  • 1982: Ph.D., Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado
  • 1978: M.Sc., Geology, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado
  • 1975: B.Sc., Geology, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas


  • 2008-Present: Midwestern State University, Associate Professor; Graduate Program Director, Kimbell School of Geosciences, Wichita Falls, Texas
  • 1999-2008: University of West Georgia, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Carrollton, Georgia
  • 1996-99: University of Texas at El Paso, Research Scientist, El Paso, Texas
  • 1992-96: Aral Interpretation Services/Eastward Oil Co., President, Dallas, Texas
  • 1989-92: Hunt Overseas Oil Co., Senior Photogeologist, Dallas, Texas
  • 1982-89: Exxon Production Research, Senior Research Specialist, Houston, Texas
  • 1976-82: U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Geologist, Denver, Colorado


AAPG Activities

  • Joined AAPG 1975; Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG) 1993; DEG President, 2008-09; DEG Advisory Council Member, 2008-09; DEG President-Elect, 2007-08; DEG Membership Chair, 2007-08; DEG Charter Member, 1993; Energy Minerals Division (EMD) 2002; Distinguished Lecture Committee, EMD Representative, 2004-06; EMD Full-Cycle Symposium Committee Co-Chair, 2003-04; EMD President, 2002-03; EMD Advisory Council Member, 2002-03; EMD Mentoring Committee Representative, EMD President-Elect, 2001-02; EMD Remote Sensing Committee Chair, 1997-00; 1997 Annual Convention Coordination Committee, EMD Vice Chair, 1996-97; Division of Professional Affairs (DPA) CPG #5049, 1993; DPA Southwest Section Council Member, 1996-99
  • Youth Educational Activities Committee, 2012-15
  • Public Outreach Committee, 2009-12; Chair 2012-Present
  • Student Chapters Committee, 2005-08; University of West Georgia Student Chapter of AAPG Faculty Advisor; Midwestern State of University Student Chapter of AAPG Faculty Advisor
  • Visiting Geoscientists Committee Vice Chair, 2005-07
  • House of Delegates Delegate, Georgia Geological Society (GGS), 2002-08; HoD Rules & Procedures Committee, 2007-08; HoD Future of Earth Scientists Committee, 1998-00; HoD Delegate, El Paso Geological Society (EPGS), 1998-99; HoD Delegate, Dallas Geological Society (DGS), 1994-96
  • Visiting Geologist, 1999-Life Member
  • Membership Committee, Campus Representative, State University West Georgia, 1999-02
  • Convention Coordination Committee, 1990-1991; Technical Programs Subcommittee, 1996-05
  • Judge, multiple oral and poster sessions, multiple national and sectional meetings, 1989-Present

AAPG Honors & Awards

  • AAPG Distinguished Service Award, 2010
  • AAPG President’s Award, Division of Environmental Geosciences, 2010
  • AAPG Advisory Council Certificate of Recognition, DEG President, 2009
  • AAPG HoD 9-Year Certificate of Service Award, 2009
  • AAPG EMD Distinguished Service Award, 2006
  • AAPG EMD Past President Award, 2004
  • AAPG Advisory Council Certificate of Recognition, EMD President, 2003
  • AAPG Southwest Section Certificate of Appreciation, 2003
  • AAPG EMD Certificate of Merit, 1997
  • AAPG EMD Certificate of Merit, 1996
  • AAPG EMD Frank Kottlowski Memorial Best Paper Award, ACE Convention, 1990
  • AAPG EMD Loyd Carlson Memorial Best Poster Award, ACE Convention, 1989


General Info

Candidates for AAPG office have been given the opportunity to respond briefly to the subject: "Why I Accepted the Invitation to be a Candidate for an AAPG Office."

Their responses and biographical information were provided by each candidate and edited only for grammar, spelling and format.

This information will also be provided as hard-copy in an early issue of the EXPLORER and available on the AAPG website through the election period. Ballots will be mailed, online in the first quarter of each year. Results will be posted mid-May.

Candidates were asked to limit their biographies to 350 words and responses to 500 words.

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