ICE 2022


The South Sumatra Basin is one of the most hydrocarbon prolific basins in Indonesia. While hydrocarbon from the Pre-Tertiary basement has been produced in Jambi, North and Central Palembang sub-basin, the viability of the same play in the South Palembang sub-basin remains a mystery. The pre-tertiary framework of South Sumatra itself consists of four terranes: the Malacca, Mergui, Woyla, and Mutus terranes. Fractured basement reservoirs in Southern Sumatra are typically combinations of intrusive and metamorphic terrains. Musi High was a paleo-high basement since the Tertiary period and remained high until Middle Miocene when carbonate reefs started to develop. Carbonate of the Baturaja Formation was well spread in this platform, hence, it lies on the top of the pre-Tertiary basement. The hydrocarbon discovery from Rayu-2 well-deepening result proves that the Pre-tertiary basement has a working petroleum system. Three different types of hydrocarbon play concepts that can be applied here, are the Weathered Basement, Fractured Basement and, Onlapping Basement Washed. Understanding of Basement play in Musi High will be the beginning of discovering the potential of the sleeping giant.