Introducing: AAPG Store – Buy. Register. Download.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG)

The name has changed. The URL has changed. The experience has changed.

No longer does AAPG have a “Bookstore online.” It has become the “AAPG Store.”

And the Store is the online place to buy, download and register for AAPG events.

The first phase is completed, which means books and products are both available for purchase, along with AAPG education event registration.

In other words, you are now able to purchase either item in one location.

Over the next several months I’ll get into the nitty-gritty details – this month is a chance to introduce you to the “Storefront,” details page and shopping cart.


As you can see in the accompanying graphic, Search Store is highly visible and searches all fields of the site. It accommodates ISBN numbers, author names, titles, publishers, descriptions, product or event codes, notes, address fields and more.

The listed results include available products and education events.

The default search results are alphabetized by title. You have the added option of sorting by price and date.

Moving down the right side of every page you’ll notice first the cart summary. As you add items to your cart this window will maintain the title and pricing tally.

(If you are a member and do not see member prices, you’ll need to log in before your member rate will appear.)

Special Items, when available, display next. These are rotating specially priced or promoted items that are available throughout the site while shopping.

Education Events and Product Categories are pre-searches provided to hone the items you wish to consider.

You’ll notice seven education event categories – including “All.” This displays an alphabetized list you may sort by date or price.

The product categories have an expanding menu interface keeping your category list more manageable.

Popular Searches is a tag cloud displaying what other users have searched for most within the Store – the larger the word, the more often it has been searched.

The Storefront also highlights promotions, specially priced items, events that are about to expire, new releases, best sellers and more.


The familiar details page includes social objects to let you share your interest, make recommendations or tweet about your purchase.

Inspect the graphic by rolling your mouse over the image. When available, this enlarges the graphic provided for greater detail viewing.

Additional information you may see when viewing a product or event includes items others purchased along with the item you are viewing, as well as suggested products or events based off of similarities between what you are viewing and what we have available in the Store.

For the education events detail you’ll discover expanded details that are better organized.

Add to calendar runs a script that adds the event of interest to your calendar.

The map feature shows the location of the event you are considering if it is a physical course. This embedded Google Map then allows you to look at other information of interest surrounding the venue, get directions and additional options Google provides.

Other important information highlighted in the details include if the product you seek is sold out, the event you want to register for is full, and other such messages.

Out of stock products give you the option to request notification about availability, as applicable.

Shopping Cart

It is very simple to not only view your cart but to update it.

Your cart summary is available on every page, and at any time you can select View Cart/Checkout to edit. To increase or decrease the amount of an item in your cart, simply modify the amount field and choose “Update Quantity.” To remove an item completely, change the quantity to “0” (zero), update and your item goes away.

Should you leave your cart for a day or two and return to make your purchase, your cart will reflect the availability of your items immediately so there are no surprises about trips or classes being sold out or products being out of stock.

When shipping options are available, you may estimate your shipping before purchasing your item. Explanations of each shipping option also are included.

If you have a coupon code simply enter it in the Coupon field. We now have the ability to offer discounts on events, products, shipping and more.

When customers are logged in, you always are able to view previous orders.

Ever lose a receipt or been hunting for a confirmation?

View Previous Orders gives you a list of all your purchases. It includes a summary of each order and the option to print or to email any receipt or confirmation.

What’s Missing?

Not much. The top navigation provides access for Members who need to pay their dues or update their profile, change their password, make a donation or access the archives to which they subscribe.

Likewise, Members Only has updated its top navigation so you can easily return to the Store to buy, register or download; view your cart or check your order history.

Just remember for all your AAPG books, products, services and education event registration.

Good browsing!

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