25 July, 2014

AAPG Offers Online Opportunities: 3 New E-Symposia


Here are our great upcoming E-Symposia!  Each e-symposium includes a one-hour "live" webinar, followed by a repository of journal articles, review questions, and access to the archived e-symposium.  If you happen to miss the "live" event, you can always gain access after the course is archived.

Don’t have the time to travel for a short course or workshop? Is the subject you want not given in your area? AAPG offers the solution with a great selection of online help.

Here are our great upcoming E-Symposia! AAPG's exciting e-symposia program consists of monthly live one-hour webinars on up-to-date topics of interest to most geoscientists. Extended independent study packages for CEU credit are also available with each e-symposia. CEU's are available if you attend the e-symposium, read the independent study materials, and return a questionnaire. Once registered you will be contacted by our technical support facilitator with FTP information. After the initial live webinar, most e-symposia are archived and still available in recorded form. 

Live E-Symposia

Mexico's Oil and Gas: History, New Discoveries, Opportunities, and Energy Reform
Aug. 21 | Online Webinar – 2:00 p.m., CDT, 1 hour duration.

This e-symposium reviews the status of the Mexican upstream sector, and the prolific and prospective areas  in Mexico; with a focus on opportunities for international participation, given the upcoming energy reform  in Mexico. Anyone who is interested in the petroleum geology of Mexico and new opportunities due to Mexico’s Energy Reform will benefit from this e-symposium. Click Here

Fluid Migration and Accumulation within the Mississippian: Why 2% Oil Cut Here, 15% One Mile Away?
Sept. 9 | Online Webinar – 2:00 p.m., CDT, 1 hour duration.

The course will cover an overview of the Mississippian Lime Play, the structural history of Arkoma & Anadarko Basin; along with hydrocarbon migration, factors in water cuts, and a spectrum of lithofacies & quality reservoir rock within the Mississippian. This course is ideal for individuals involved in Shales in the Mid-Continent Region and the Mississippi Limestone Play. Click Here

Concepts of Scale: Horizontal Development of Wolfcamp Shale Oil of the Southern Midland Basin
Oct. 2 | Online Webinar – 2:00 p.m., CDT, 1 hour duration.

Successful development of Wolfcamp shale oil relies on complex inter-relationships (ultimately interdependencies) within and between a wide variety of scientific disciplines, financial entities, and company partnerships. This course is ideal for individuals involved in Midland Basin exploration and development. Click Here

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