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If you are a student, AAPG provides resources and programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level. These programs provide opportunities for students to have contact with the professional geoscience community, to have access to unique learning and leadership opportunities & to receive member benefits.  


AAPG's Imperial Barrel Award (IBA) Program is an annual prospective basin evaluation contest for geoscience students from universities around the globe. The participants analyze geologic, geophysical, land, economic and production data in a real world scenario. The AAPG Middle East Region competition begins 16 March 2015 in Oman, Muscat.

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31 Mar

International Shale Plays Shale Early Fee Expires today!

31 Mar

Modern Terrigenous Clastic Depositional Systems Early Tuition Expires today!

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, ClasticsUnited States - Eastern Section
31 Mar

Extending Mature Fields’ Life Cycles: the Role of New Technologies & Integrated Strategies Early Fee Expires today!

09 Apr

SEG/AAPG Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle East Advanced Registration Deadline Expires in 9 days

Geochemistry and Basin Modeling, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy, Basin ModelingMiddle East Region - United Arab Emirates
11 Apr

SEG/AAPG Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle Early East Member Fee Expires in 11 days

11 Apr

SEG/AAPG Mesozoic Intrashelf Basins of the Middle Early East Non-Member Fee Expires in 11 days

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