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The 2015 downturn has taken a toll on all aspects of the industry, especially its work force. And for those left contemplating their next career move, the Denver meeting is an excellent opportunity to market their skills and experience, and utilize their personal connections.
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AAPG members in the Caribbean now receive special recognition thanks to a bylaws amendment approved at the House of Delegates meeting held in Denver, Colo. on May 31 during the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition.


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14 Jul

Revitalizing Reservoirs Early Fee Expires in 42 days

23 Jul

2015 Energy Forum hosted by Oklahoma's Young Professionals Expires in 51 days

United States - Mid-Continent Section - Oklahoma
18 Jun

Assessment, Forecasting, and Decision-Making In unconventional Resource Plays Early Tuition Expires in 16 days

30 Jul

Geochemistry and Modeling of Unconventional Petroleum Systems Early Professional Fee Expires in 58 days

18 Jun

Geomechanics For Completion Optimization In Unconventionals: From Characterization To Monitoring Early Tuition Expires in 16 days

19 Jul

Devonian Reef Facies Models, Hydrothermal Dolomitization, And Tight-Carbonate Reservoir Analogues - Upper Devonian Strata In The Northwest Territories, Canada Early Tuition Expires in 47 days

11 Oct

2015 FEC Early Nonmember Tuition Expires in 131 days

11 Oct

2015 FEC Early Member Tuition Expires in 131 days

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