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Surface Geochemistry - Evaluation of Near-surface Hydrocarbons as Indicators of Subsurface Petroleum Generation and Entrapment

AAPG Petroleum Systems Webinar Series

Occurred Wednesday, 9 February 2022, 8:00 a.m.–9:00 a.m.  |  Virtual Webinar via Zoom (Tulsa, Oklahoma time)

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This talk will provide information to better understand the principles of surface geochemistry (SG), how best to use SG data in exploration or development programs, how to develop a cost effective sampling and analytical program, and will also explore best practices for the interpretation and integration of SG data.

Michael Abrams
Michael Abrams

Dr. Michael A. Abrams is currently a visiting professor at Imperial College London undertaking industry research projects and working with MSc/PhD students. Before joining Imperial College, Professor Abrams was the Manager of Petroleum Systems for Apache’s Exploration and Production Technology team, research professor and manager petroleum systems for Energy and Geoscience Institute at the University of Utah, and senior research geochemist at Exxon Production Research Company (now ExxonMobil Upstream Research). Michael’s research interests include near-surface expression of hydrocarbon migration, petroleum systems analysis, unconventional resource play evaluation, and regional petroleum charge analysis. Michael has been the co-convener/chair for 3 AAPG Hedberg research conferences (1994, 2001, and 2019), AAPG GTW workshop (2014), co-convener, Geological Society of London - Energy Group conference (2021) as well as session co-chair for over 15 AAPG conferences and 50 international conference presentations. Professor Abrams is an Associate Editor for the SEG special Interpretation volume Hydrocarbon Migration, Near-Surface Seepage, and Petroleum System Assessment, and previously the Section Editor (Organic Geochemistry) for the Journal of Marine and Petroleum Geology and co-editor AAPG Memoir 66 Hydrocarbon Migration and its Near Surface Expression, and author of over numerous international publications. Michael received his Ph.D. in Petroleum Geochemistry from the Imperial College London, M.S. in Geology from the University of Southern California, and B.S. in Geology from George Washington University.

Michael Abrams
Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology
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