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New Energy Economy 2025: AAPG-EMD Webinar

Wednesday, 19 May 2021, 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m.  |  Virtual Webinar via Zoom (Tulsa, Oklahoma time)

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There is a lot of talk about the 2050 carbon neutral destination. Some companies are progressing and well into their journey, some have strayed off track, and some have not started. So, what does the route look like and how can progress be measured in terms of time and distance?

One waypoint in time should be 2025 because it is near enough to fall within a single term of government or similarly, within the span of appointment for the present CEO of a typical energy company. This is important for two reasons; number one is for accountability of leadership and decision makers in the political, bureaucratic, and corporate spheres, and secondly, because of the importance of initial scoping and planning as well as the early phases of execution, which are critical to an ultimately successful implementation. So, what sort of progress should have been achieved by 2025? In this AAPG-EMD sponsored webinar, six panellists discuss their views on key sectors of the new and transitional energy economy and where these sectors should be in 2025 on the journey to a 2050 destination.

The format of the webinar is six panelists each with 3-4 minutes (and a couple of slides) for a combined total of an 18 to 24 minutes session, followed by a Q&A of some duration that allows for fast paced, straight to the point panel responses to audience questions.

The idea is to build up from governments, corporations, and professional associations with what they each must do, and what are the impediments to be overcome, and then progress through the practical matters of storage, systems, and markets, and to then finish with some news about what new energy business models and projects are delivering for people around the world.

Webinar Agenda

Susan Nash Chair and Moderator

  1. David Beckett Strategic access to resources to build the energy transition: government policy and corporate response - securing sustainable supply and meeting demand in a dynamic geostrategic environment at the 2025 horizon and beyond to 2050.
  2. Mike Bingle-Davis AAPG-EMD initiatives and a view into the future of the organisation in the new energy economy.
  3. Lindsay Ross Why governments and corporations are both leading and lagging in the new energy economy: the responses to disruption, and vectors for 2025 and beyond.
  4. Lyle Trytten 2040 Energy: Challenges to Overcome.
  5. Matt Klukas The role the oil and gas company will play in the future energy mix and how energy security will impact both NOCs and IOCs. What should the company look like in 2025 and beyond?
  6. Edith Newton Wilson New energy business models and global approaches; the potential for distributed energy resources to improve energy equity while reducing carbon emissions.
  7. Q&A: 30 minutes
Susan Nash, Ph.D. Director, Innovation and Emerging Science and Technology
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