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3D Lithospheric-Scale Density and Thermal Model of the Claromecó and North-Colorado Basins, Argentina

South Atlantic Basins Research Symposium Presentation
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Authors: Sebastian Vazquez Lucero (presenter), M.L. Gomez Dacal, F. Ibarra, C. Prezzi, M. Scheck-Wenderoth, J. Bott, H. Vizán, IGeBA – CONICET.

The study area is located to the southeast of Buenos Aires Province between 36°- 39° S and 63°- 57° W and encompases the Claromecó Basin, the northernmost part of the Colorado Basin and the Sierras Australes.Several attempts have been made to study and analyse the onshore and offshore features of the Colorado and Claromecó Basins, due to its hydrocarbon potential. In this context, different hypotheses and mechanisms have been proposed for the genesis of these basins, as well as for the deformation of the Sierras Australes. The principal goal of this work is to contribute to a better knowledge of the sedimentary distribution of the Claromecó Basin and its thermal state. Secondarily, we aimed to shed light on the tectonic implications related to the crustal structure of the area. For these purposes, we developed a 3D lithospheric scale gravity forward and thermal model. For the model construction, we integrated: geological information, a global gravity model (EIGEN 6c4), published well data, seismic tomography data, pre-existing 3D density and thermal models of the Colorado basin (Autin et al., 2016) and published thermal properties.Our model allows to gain insight into both the thermal state and the thicknesses distribution of the Claromecó Basin sedimentary infill. We also propose a tentative location of the southernmost limit of the Rio de la Plata Craton, which contribute to the discussion of the geodynamic evolution of Claromecó basin, and the tectonic processes that affected the southwestern margin of Gondwana during Paleozoic times.


Sebastián Emanuel Vazquez Lucero, IGeBA – CONICET

Sebastián is a geologist from the University of Buenos Aires, and holds a MSc in Geology from the same university. Currently, he is a PhD student in Buenos Aires, and works as Researcher at CONICET.

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