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The Public Private Partnership of the Future… Today! Sustainability in Harmony and Balance with the Planet

Southeast Caribbean Research Symposium Presentation
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Moderator: Susan Morrice, Co-Founder and Chair, BNE Ltd

Panelists: Marlowe Neal, CEO, BNE Ltd; Albert Garcia, Chair, BNE Trust; Sharon Roberts, Director of Special Projects

In the current climate, energy companies are accountable to shareholders, investors and government leaders for how their actions affect the people and environment in countries where they operate.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations and Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) criteria are key components of risk analysis and are crucial to securing investment and attracting top quality personnel.

Just how can companies make ESG and SRI a part of their practice and not only survive but thrive in a new global economy? Find out in a panel discussion with executives from Belize Natural Energy (BNE), an award-winning company whose holistic business model transformed a country and set the standard for sustainable development.

Belize Natural Energy Ltd was born from the vision to make a sustainable and empowering difference in Belize.

In addition to discover first oil, BNE has been the number one revenue generator in the country for more than 10 years. The company forged a unique partnership based on the New Holistic Business Model with the United Arab Emirates and has received the Green Award, Employees of the Year Award and the Global GetEnergy Educational Award for bringing the Sustainable Educational Model to the people of Belize.

During this special session, BNE executives will share the steps they have taken over the past 15 years to develop a model company that is drawing global attention.


Moderator: Susan Morrice, Belize Natural Energy

Susan earned a Degree in Natural Sciences from Trinity College Dublin, specializing in Geology.

She is currently the Co-Founder and Chairperson of Belize Natural Energy.

Her company has the Educo Holistic Business Model at its core. Against all the odds, this Model was the vital difference that enabled Susan (and her late business partner Mike Usher) to find the first oil in Belize in 2005.

BNE won the Global GetEnergy Award for empowering the people of Belize (beating 43 other countries), has consistently been the number 1 revenue generator in Belize and has inspired world leaders, resulting in a major trade treaty being signed with the United Arab Emirates.

Susan was awarded the Norman Foster Outstanding Explorer Award and the Presidential Award for Exemplary Service by the AAPG in recognition for her work in geoscience.

Marlowe Neal, CEO, BNE Ltd.

Albert Garcia, Chair, BNE Trust

Sharon Roberts, Director of Special Projects for Susan Morrice

Sharon has over 30 years’ event management and project management experience, working across several industries, including the motor, finance and oil & gas sectors.

She has always had a fascination as to how corporate culture impacts productivity, innovation and fulfillment. It was not until attending the Educo Educational Seminar (at the heart of Susan Morrice’s company Belize Natural Energy) that Sharon came across the answer to having the ultimate corporate culture founded on ensuring employees and associates utilize their latent potential to bring about exceptional results in sustainable and holistic ways. It is her passion to share this through her work as Director of Special Projects.

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