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The Petroleum System of the Guiana Basin, Guyana and Suriname

Southeast Caribbean Research Symposium Presentation
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Author(s): Andrew Pepper (presenter), Lara Heister, This !s Petroleum Systems LLC; Chris Yarbrough, Belmont Technology Inc.

Recent deep-water exploration success by ExxonMobil and partners in Guyana, and by Apache/Total in the adjacent area in Suriname, have revealed a major new petroleum province on the South American margin. We use public data sources together with knowledge from the conjugate African margin to piece together the key elements of the petroleum system.


Andrew Pepper, This !s Petroleum Systems LLC

This year Andy Pepper is celebrating 39 years of experience as a geologist and petroleum systems analyst: at BP as leader of the Petroleum Systems Network; at Hess as Chief Geologist and then Director of New Ventures; and at BHP as VP Geoscience and VP Unconventional Exploration.

He founded This !s Petroleum Systems LLC in 2015 as a vehicle to collaborate and innovate in Petroleum Systems concepts, modeling and training.

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