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Andes Basin Research Symposium Panel Discussion: Geophysical Methods and Interpretations (English and Spanish Discussion)

LACR Andes Basins Research Symposium 2020
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Moderator: Sandra Arevalo, Teec Solutions.

Participants: Rob Vestrum, Thrust Belt Imaging; Tomas Labrador Olarte, Emerson; Thomas Fieseler; TEEC Solutions; Evanz Lazaro, YPFB Chacho; Silvana Hidalgo, Escuela Politécnica Nacional

Convener Sandra Arevalo moderates a discussion with presenters, who answer questions and share final thoughts to conclude Session IV, Geophysical Methods and Interpretations, at the Andean Basins Virtual Research Symposium. Discussion in English and Spanish.


Rob Vestrum, Thrust Belt Imaging

Rob earned a BSc from the University of Alberta, a MSc from the University of Calgary, and a PhD also from the University of Calgary.

His 26 years of experience in the industry include working in companies as Shell (1994-1997), Kelman Seismic (1997-2000), Veritas (2000-2004) and TBI (2004-present), where he currently is Chief Geologist at Alberta, Canada, responsible for seismic imaging in complex-structure land areas from the Andes to the Zagros. Rob is a member of Association of Professional Geoscientists and Engineers of Alberta, SEG and EAGE.

Tomas Labrador Olarte, Emerson

Tomas graduated as Geological Engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. In his 18 years of experience in the industry, he has worked as Reservoir Geologist at PDVSA for 10.5 years, Petrel Technical Support at Schlumberger for 1.5 years, and Geomodeller at Emerson for 6 years.

Currently, he is Geoscientist at Emerson to South America at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where he is responsible for geomodelling technical support.

Thomas Fieseler, TEECsolutions

Thomas is a Geophysicist from the University of Muenster, Germany. With 10 years of experience, he currently works at TEECsolutions GmbH, Villahermosa, Mexico, as Senior Geophysicist, where he is Seismic Processing Team Leader. Thomas is a member of SEG, EAGE and AMGE.

Evanz Lázaro, YPFB Chaco

Silvana is a Physicist from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres (UMSA). In his 12 years of experience in the industry, he has worked at Petroandina S.A.M. as Exploration Geophysicist, at OSC-Observatorio San Calixto as Seismological Researcher and Seismic Analyst, and at the Observatorio Geomagnetico as consultant and analyst of terrestrial’s magnetics data.

Currently, he is Exploration Geophysicist at YPFB Chaco, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, where he is responsible for the evaluation and analysis of magnetotelluric and seismic data for geological interpretation. Evanz is a member of the Bolivian Physical Society (SOBOFI), and Centro Latinoamericano de Física (CLAF).

Silvana Hidalgo, Instituto Geofísico, Escuela Politécnica Nacional (Ecuador)

Silvana is a Doctor with 20 years of experience. She currently is Director of the Instituto Geofísico, Escuela Politécnica Nacional at Pichincha, Ecuador, where she is responsible of monitoring volcanic fluids. Silvana is a member of IAVCEI and AGU.

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