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Andes Basin Research Symposium: Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems (English and Spanish Discussion)

2020 Andes Basins Research Symposium Panel Discussion
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Moderator: Daniel Peña, Repsol.

Participants: Antonio Martin-Monge, Repsol; Chris Cornelius, CanCambria Energy Corporation; Andrés Pastor-Chacón, Servicio Geológico Colombiano; Fernando Alegria, Shell Bolivia Corporation; Germán Bayona, Corporación Geológica ARES; Juan I. Hernández, LA.TE.ANDES; Paul Mann, University of Houston

Convener Daniel Peña moderates a discussion with session presenters, who answer questions and share final thoughts to conclude Session III: Basin Analysis and Petroleum Systems, at the Andean Basins Virtual Research Symposium.


Antonio Martin-Monge, Repsol

Antonio earned a BSc in Geology and a MRes/DEA in Isotope Geochemistry, both from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain.

He has 15 years of professional experience, 12 of them in the petroleum industry. During his career, he has worked as laboratory technician at the Servicio General de Análisis de Isótopos Estables (SGAIE) of the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca (Spain) and at the Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre (SUERC) in East Kilbride (UK).

Currently, he is Petroleum Systems Analyst at Repsol Exploración, SA in Madrid, Spain, where he is working in the central subsurface function to provide specialized technical support in petroleum systems modelling and organic geochemistry to units across the E&P division. Antonio is a member of the AAPG, European Association of Organic Geochemists (EAOG), The Geological Society of London.

Chris Cornelius

Chris earned a BSc from the Manchester University and a PhD from the Aston University, both in Geology.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, Chis has been Founder & CEO at Cuadrilla Resources, Technical Director Upstream at AGL Energy, Techncial Director at Evergreen Resources and Engineering Manager at NOWSCO Well Services Inc. Currently, he is CEO & President at CanCambria Energy Corp. at Vancouver, Canada, where he leads a team of industry professionals pursuing frontier unconventional resource plays in various parts of the world. Chris is a member of AAPG, SPE and Fellow Geological Society of London.

Andres Pastor-Chacón, Servicio Geológico Colombiano

Andres earned a MSc in Geology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia. With 7 years of experience in the industry, he works as geologist at the Hydrocarbon Department of the Colombian Geological Survey (SGC) in Bogotá.

Before SGC he worked for four years as as Junior Geologist in Interoil Colombia E&P, an E&P company with assets in the Middle Magdalena and Llanos Orientales basins. Andres is a member of AAPG and ACGGP.

Fernando Alegria, Shell Bolivia Corporation

Fernando earned a BSc in Geology from the Universidad Mayor de San Andres, La Paz, Bolivia.

His 30 years of experience in the industry include 7 years at YPFB, 13 years at Empresa Petrolera Chaco, 6 years in BG and 4 years in Shell, where he currently is Principal Geologist at Santa Cruz, Bolivia, responsible for prospect maturation and exploration growth. He is a member of the Bolivian Geologist Association and Santa Cruz Geologist Association.

Germán Bayona, Corporación Geológica ARES

Germán earned a BSc in Geology from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1992), a MSc from New Mexico State University (1999) and a PhD from the University of Kentucky (2003).

With more than 25 years of experience, he has always been an independent researcher and a geologist enjoying life. He currently works as researcher at the Corporación Geológica ARES, and as a consultant at Geocuencas S.A.S. Germán is a member of AAPG, ACGGP, ACCEFyN, SCG and SEPM.

Juan Ignacio Hernández, LA.TE ANDES S.A., GEOMAP S.A.

Juan earned a BSc in Geology from the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, and is a PhD candidate at Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He has 11 years of experience as geologist in structural and stratigraphy projects for oil and gas industry in the Central Andes (Sub-Andean System) for different companies in Bolivia and Argentina (2009-2020).

Currently, he is Director and Exploration Geologist at LA.TE ANDES S.A. and GEOMAP S.A., where is responsible for structural and stratigraphic analysis, mapping, thermocrhonological analysis, numerical modeling of apatite-zircon fission-track data and (U-Th-Sm)/He data applied to Time-Temperature evolution (subsidence and structural growing time of fault-related-folds in the Sub-Andean fold-an-thrust-belt). Juan is a member of AAPG, AAGGP and AAS (Asociación Argentina de Sedimentología).

Paul Mann, University of Houston

Paul earned a BSc from the Oberlin College and a PhD from the State University of New York at Albany, both degrees in Geology.

He currently is Professor of Geology at the Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Houston, where he teaches, researches and supervises grad and undergrad students, and service to the EAS Dept. and other groups. He has also operated an oil industry-funded research group since 2005. Paul is a member of AAPG, GSA, AGU, SEG and HGS.

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