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Well Core Plugs Analysis: An Integrated Vision. Case Study in the Venezuela’s Eastern Basin

LACR Andes Basins Research Symposium 2020
AAPG Distinguished Lecture

Author: Freddy Marin, Petróleos de Venezuela

Well core plugs for routine and special core analysis have to be analyzed petrographically for complete integration between all results, in order to have a wide vision of rock properties. Textural and compositional knowledge of rock could clarify reservoir settings. This technical study shows the result of 23 thin sections analyzed for rocks type determination and identifications of its mineralogical composition. Although all classifications were the same in the all thin sections, was possible identify diagenesis processes relevant for define an intermediate stage based on Surdan et al., 1989. Some diagenethic processes are favorable for secondary porosity generation, such as mineralogical dissolution, but also present some unfavorable for porosity like Ilite and Kaolinite precipitations. Beside of these reservoir properties were possible make recommendations for petrophysical evaluations and productions techniques considering mineralogical content. The geologiocal section analyzed was textural and mineralogical mature, when conjugated it with neoformation mineral, opens a window for sedimentary environments deposit considerations.


Freddy Marín, Petróleos de Venezuela (PDVSA)

Freddy earned a MSc in Oil Geology from the Zulia University, Venezuela.

With his 18 years of experience in the industry, he currently is sedimentologist/stratigrapher of PDVSA’s Exploration department, where he develops studies of sedimentary features and stratigraphic settings for defining geological models as well as reservoir sedimentary characteristics identifications. Before PDVSA, he worked as Technical Assistant Specialized in Production at GESCA.

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